Title: Shefali Jariwala Advices Paras Chhabra To Break Up With Akanksha Puri
Title: Shefali Jariwala Advices Paras Chhabra To Break Up With Akanksha Puri

Bigg Boss 13 has been full of spice, but not always everything nice! Amongst numerous linkups, new relations then breakups now its time for some relationship advice for Paras Chhabra. Apparently, Shefali Jariwala has turned love guru to Paras and advised him to leave his girlfriend Akanksha Puri if he is in a toxic relationship.

Well here’s what happened, after the stressful last week for Paras Chhabra as his personal issues with girlfriend Akanksha Puri became the highlight of the show. Well, all of it happened Salman Khan questioned his closeness with Mahira Sharma even after being in a committed relationship with Akanksha Puri out of the house. Well not only that but seems like Paras’s personal life was the major highlight of the episode as all his personal issues from home to his expenses, everything popped up leaving Paras startled. Though the topic was immediately shut after he strongly said that he doesn’t want to continue his relationship with Akanksha.

Well, it looks like that incident is still having a piece of his mind as in last night’s episode again the topic was popped up as the three of them i.e Paras, Shefali and Mahira were having a conversation in the garden area and the girls couldn’t help but notice that Paras was lost and quiet. Mahira asked him about what was going on to which he earlier denied but later on told her that whatever happened last week was blown out of proportion and totally out of context. And accusing his girlfriend Akanksha, Paras felt something wrong is going on outside the house because of which all the things were brought up last weekend as Akanksha being his girlfriend and taking care of his things outside, he suspects how could the world know about things?

Upon hearing this Mahira said that he should’ve cleared things before entering this controversial reality show and if not done, then it must have been sorted inside. Shefali goes to on say that Paras has been clear about it since the beginning. To which Paras adds that wanted to end the relationship way back, but he was forced not to. He tried calling it off many times and enter the BB 13 house with a fresh mind, but unfortunately couldn’t. He said that his mother advised him not to hurt anyone and also assured that she would take care of things, but nothing seems to happen.

Paras further went on to reveal that Akanksha got a tattoo of his name on his birthday and pushed him to also of so to make her feel special. He stated that he is being dragged into this relationship and was not able to break up as somewhere he is feeling guilty. On hearing Paras’ ordeal, Shefali advised him to leave his girlfriend. She said that there is absolutely no point in being in a toxic relationship. It is neither good for him nor her. She tells him to call if out with her as soon as he gets out of the BB 13 house. 

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