Prerna Tries To Escape
Prerna Tries To Escape

The retard goon tells Jagga what happened, how he received a call from the boss on Jagga’s phone and the boss asked him to kill Prerna. And he decided on his first-ever murder but during the chase, Prerna broke his leg.
This made Jagga angry and he tried to find Prerna. Prerna kept on hiding from him behind the boxes. Finally, when Jagga found her she threw dust in his eyes and left from the cottage into the woods. Jagga’s goons went out to look for her, there is also a group of people looking for something in the jungle. Anurag and Viraj are also looking for her in the jungle, Anurag calls out for Prerna but Prerna ignores it thinking it cannot be Anurag and keeps on moving.
Jagga along with his goons team follows Prerna and spots her behind a tree just then, a snake comes their way and gives Prerna a chance to run away. Meanwhile, Anurag and Viraj meet that group of people and ask them what they are doing there. To which they answered that they live in the forest and are looking for a Cheetah who eat their cattle. 

Meanwhile, Anurag wonders where Prerna will be and Prerna spots a house with lights. Goons are losing their hope of finding Prerna. At Basu’s Veena is still praying and ringing the bell. Mahesh and Shivani return and Moloy asks if they found Prerna. They said no. Mohini is very angry and asks Veena to stop ringing the bell, Moloy takes her aside. Shivani starts praying as well.

Anurag and Viraj leave the forest and are in car. Anurag drops Viraj at his house. Viraj decides on searching for Prerna and leaves in his car after Anurag drops him. While driving Anurag goes in the series of flashback with Prerna and is determined to find her.
Moloy scolds Mohini for her false behavior otherwise he will tell Anu about his past and truth. Moloy warns Mohini to rectify her behavior towards Sharma’s. Sonalika reaches the cottage and finds no one there. Thinking they have already killed Prerna she asks Jagga about it when he arrives. Jagga informs her about all that happened and how Prerna ran away. This made Sonalika very angry.
Prerna reached that light area and started knocking on the door asking for help. Prerna is in pain and faints outside the door. A lady opens the door and helps her out.

Sonalika asks the goons to make Prerna stand on the edge of the cliff. Prerna is pushed of the cliff and Anurag arrives. Anurag tries to save Prerna but Prerna is seen falling down the cliff.

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