Kasautii zindagii kay
Kasautii zindagii kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay : Prerna tries to ask the kidnappers about the person who wants her kidnapped and dead. Anurag and others gets divided and searches for Prerna. Moloy received a call from the commissioner and gets to know that the number that Viraj noted of the tempo was of no use and they shifted Prerna in a black car and the owner of the car is Jagga. They will soon find Prerna’s location. This made Molly overjoyed and Sonalika seemed tensed. 
Veena is still worried and started Jhaap till the time she will see Prerna. Anurag and Viraj gets stuck on which way to choose as there were two. Later on, Anurag sees Prerna’s anklet that she dropped as clues and chooses that path. Jagga is seen out of the cottage talking about the amount share. 

Sonalika is upset and worried and she decides on asking Jagga to kill Prerna, where as the original plan was that she would kill Prerna. She calls Jagga and asks him to kill her. The call is answered by Jagga’s retard brother-in-law. And he frees Prerna before killing her. He wants to play a sick game with Prerna and gives her a chance to escape. Prerna breaks his leg and hearing him shout everyone including Jagga rushes to cottage. 

Mohini is in her room and Nivedita gets her something to drink. Mohini gets aggitated and asks Nivi to tell Veena to stop ringing the bell as it is causing headache. Bivi gets medicine for Mohini’s headache and asks her to calm down. Mohini and Nivi are very pissed at the Sharma’s due to all drama that is happening and thanks God that they have Sonalika who is handling the situation very maturely. Mohini doubts that is this kidnapping a plan of Sharma’s? 
Viraj spots the cottage and both, Anurag and Viraj plans to enter the cottage.

Sonalika asks the goons to make Prerna stand on the edge of the cliff. Prerna is pushed of the cliff and Anurag arrives. Anurag tries to save Prerna but Prerna is seen falling down the cliff.

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