prena gets kidnap
prena gets kidnap

Sonalika instructs Ronit to kill Prerna to which Ronit refuses as he doesn’t have that much of time. Both are arguing over what to do next and Sonalika looks back to find Viraj standing behind her. She then tells Viraj that she was talking about killing a fish to a servant and Viraj informs her that Anurag has gone to chase the kidnappers and Veena’s blood pressure has dropped so he needs medicines. 
Shivani enters Somalia’s room and accuses her of kidnapping Sonali ka. Meanwhile, Anurag overtakes Ronit and Ronit figures out why. When Anurag blocks the road Ronit stops the truck and Anurag pulls him out of the truck. Meanwhile, Sonalika denies to the fact that she has anything to do with this kidnapping. And shares the possibility of Viraj being involved in it to Shivani. Shivani refuses to buy that and blames Sonalika. Sonali ka asks her to get out of her room. Sonali ka decides to behave innocent in the entire situation.

Anurag asks the driver why he was racing the truck at high speed. A black car passes by them, which had Ronit in it. Ronit then recalls his smart move, where he changed the path and contacted Jagga, who knew everything about the area. He asked Jagga to get a car and shifted Prerna in the car. He then made a plan to escape Anurag with another driver.
The black car passes with Prerna and Ronit in it and Anurag couldn’t realise it. Anurag checks the back of the truck and is disappointed and worried. Anurag goes to the police station to report about Prerna’s kidnap.

Meanwhile, in the car, Prerna decides on leaving clues for Anurag to find her and drops down the anklet that was given to her by Anurag. At Basu’s Moloy contacts the commissioner. Commissioner assures Moloy of setting up a special team to find Prerna amidst all of this, Mohini is irritated and tells Moloy to ask Sharma’s to leave as already all the guests have left and they spoilt their evening. Viraj gets agitated and asks her why she is behaving and talking such things about Prerna. And Moloy calls Mohini a thankless lady on that. And there arises a bit of an argument and Moloy shuts everyone up.

Sonalika consoles Veena, Mohini is shocked to see that. Kidnappers along with Prerna and Ronit reach their spot. Prerna is wondering which place is that and why they have kidnapped her. Ronit asks his team to take care of Prerna while he will return in half an hour. Meanwhile, Anu decides on finding Prerna and Prerna is tied up to a chair with kidnappers around her.
Anurag returns home and tells everybody about the situation. Veena is worried and Anurag calms her down by promising her that he will get Prerna back and only then he will return home. This worries Sonalika.

Sonalika asks the goons to make Prerna stand on the edge of the cliff. Prerna is pushed off the cliff and Anurag arrives. Anurag tries to save Prerna but Prerna is seen falling down the cliff.

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