Prerna being kidnapped

Prerna loses her consciousness completely, Anurag leaves her on the swing and starts thinking about what he was going to do isn’t correct. He kept on thinking about whatever Prerna said was for Viraj and not him. But he wanted to hear all that for himself. The jumbled up thoughts about Prerna and his situation made him restless, just then enters Viraj, unaware of Anurag’s presence, Viraj tries to talk to Prerna about his proposal and he requests Prerna to not to break his heart.

Anurag tells Viraj that she is sleeping now, Viraj says they should take Prerna downstairs. Viraj taking Prerna downstairs made Anurag uncomfortable. Ronit was celebrating with his team and when Sonalika entered he said they have finally kidnapped Prerna. When Sonalika sees Shivani instead of Prerna she slaps Ronit for making such a huge mistake. Later on, she asks the goons to get Shivani back in the house and get Prerna.

Viraj wonders, who gave alcohol to Prerna.  Anurag is still lost in the conversation he had with Prerna on the terrace and still trying to figure out if all that she said was for him. And why didn’t he stop Prerna? Sonalika is looking for Prerna and is wondering where is she, as she had taken Anurag’s medicine. Meanwhile, goons get back Shivani in the house and drop her in a room where Prerna is resting. Sonalika asks them to kidnap Prerna without wasting much time. Viraj informs Veena about Prerna’s condition and also that she is resting to which Veena decides on taking her home. Just when the Sharma’s and Viraj are about to go and get Prerna to leave, Moloy announces its time to cut the cake and they stop.

While they are celebrating, the goons take Prerna out of the house. Shivani regains her consciousness and sees Prerna being kidnapped and informs Anurag. Anurag rushes to save Prerna, this disappoints Mohini and Sonalika gets restless as she is afraid that if Anurag catches the goons he might get to know that she is behind Prerna’s kidnapping. And she calls Ronit for help and asks him to kill Prerna and leave her. Viraj is seen hearing that when Sonalika turns back.

Shivani asks Sonalika if she is behind Prerna’s kidnap. Anurag is seen narrating the incident to the police. Prerna is kidnapped and is with kidnappers.