Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13th January Episodic Update

Today’s episode starts with Anurag trying to recall about his dance with Prerna before he lost his memory and tells her that the bond that they shared was much more than friendship to which Nivedita Interrupts. Nivi tells Anu that they did dance earlier whose picture Anu saw earlier.

Nivedita then diverts Anu and asks him to go for breakfast as she was very hungry and asks Prerna to join as well and Drags Anurag down avoiding the topic that Anurag was trying to talk to about. Anupam notices that and later on talks to Prerna asks her how is she and also ask for Prashad. Also assures Prerna that he has full faith that Anurag will soon regain his lost memory.

At the dining table, while servants are setting up the table for breakfast, Mohini sees her sleeping pills bottle on the table and gets agitated. She asks servants about the bottle lying on the table and scolds them for not throwing them off. Mohini is upset that due to these sleeping pills she was sleeping while her son needed her and was hospitalised and again shouts ad servants and asks to throw them away. During that Anurag enters and takes the bottle from servant’s hands and hugs Mohini. Mohini cries and says she is very sorry, to which Anu replies that he is in fact happy that she was sleeping. Then Mohini sees Prerna walking down with Anupam and says, she is happy if Anurag is happy and tauntingly also adds that she thinks that Anu’s reason for happiness isn’t correct after looking at Prerna.

Everyone sits down for breakfast, where Anurag asks Debu Da to get Rasgullas as they are her current favourite. Mohini notices that. Meanwhile, Moloy gets a reminder for tomorrow’s party which has been kept as Basu Publication did well last year. Moloy invites Prerna and asks her to get her entire family and Mohini adds by saying to get Viraj along too.

Later on, at Sharma’s Shivani is trying to analyse what will be Sonalika (Komolika’s) next move, as she poked her right in place and she is worried now. Shivi is worried about what Sonalika is going to do at the party? As she is very angry about the current situation. To which Prerna assures her to not to worry and she is ready for Sonalika’s next move. Prerna is all set to attend the party with Viraj tomorrow hoping that when Anurag will see them together it might trigger his brain and he might remember something. And she doesn’t want to lose the chance of getting her love back and she is ready to risk it all.

On the other hand, Sonalika is at Ronit’s place and bursting with anger and asking him to kill her. To which Ronit suggests that it won’t be a good idea to do something to her at the party instead he hatches a plan to kidnap her from the party and take her to a far off place and then he will kill her.

Anurag is still thinking about his dream and restlessness on seeing Prerna going. Viraj is looking at the album from the tilak, and on looking at AnuPre’s pictures he decides on talking about it to Prerna and then only take the relation ahead. Also decides that if they have anything more than friendship between them he won’t marry Prerna.

At the party, Anupam and Moloy exchange sweet banter. Later on, Prerna enters wit her family. Mohini asks Prerna about Viraj, and Prerna replies to that by saying he is on his way. While Prerna starts looking for Anurag, Mohini interrupts her by saying to concentrate on her husband and not on someone else’s husband and Prerna replies to that by saying that she is looking out for her own husband and leaves. This makes Mohini very angry. Prerna is stopped with Sonalika and they have their little cold war of words. Anurag is seen looking for Mohini and Sonalika and enters Mohini’s room. At the same time, Prerna’s blouse suffers a bit of hook problem and she rushes to Mohini’s room for needle and thread so that she can fix the hook. There she meets Anurag, who offers to help her and then suddenly Anurag get s series of flashbacks and says that this has happened before as well and just then Mohini and Sonalika enters the room.

Later, Mohini confesses to Sonalika about AnuPre’s past and asks her to ignore all of it. Prerna meets Viraj and Virag gives her a bouquet on seeing Prerna and Viraj together, Anurag gets uncomfortable. Viraj compliments Prerna’s smile and Anurag listens to it and gets all the more uncomfortable, and is very restless to feel being jealous. Ronit gets ready in the disguise of a waiter to attend the party and kidnap Prerna.

Ronit is at the party as a waiter and instructs goons to get Prerna. Anurag – Prerna and Viraj – Sonalika are dancing on the dance floor and Viraj asks Sonalika to go and dance with Anurag and he will dance with Prerna to which Sonalika refuses and says, that as you can see Anurag wants to dance with Prerna and he likes her alot. This shocks Viraj.

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