Kangana Bashes Lawyer, Indira Jaising
Kangana Bashes Lawyer, Indira Jaising

Seems like Queen of controversy Kangana Ranaut, Won’t spare anyone! Just a few days ago, Kangana condemned Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan and now recently she is furious with the lawyer and rapists of Nirbhaya case and very strongly showed her disappointment at a press conference.

A few days ago while Kangana was promoting her upcoming film, Panga she expressed her disappointment with Deepika Padukone’s ‘Chhapaak TikTok Challenge’ and asked her for an apology. Later on, Panga actress also blasted on Saif Ali Khan as he stated,  that he believes how the concept of India didn’t exist until the British gave it one. And he was, unsurprisingly, both trolled and bashed for his remark by his fans and Kangana herself got down on ground zero and directly bashed him for making such a remark and said,  “If there was no Bharat then what was Mahabharat? What did Ved Vyasa write then?” She further countered Saif’s statement and added that Lord Krishna was a part of Mahabharat, which means Bharat did exist at that time as well. She added, “A few people have made their narratives that suit them but Lord Krishna was in Mahabharat, and that means Bharat was there at that time too. All the great kings of ‘Bharat’ fought the battle then. There was a collective identity even then called ‘Bharat’. Now they say that the territories should be different and should be split. But the division in three that happened then, people are still suffering from that.”

During a recent event when Kangana was asked about the delay in punishing the Nirbhaya case rapists and the statement that their lawyer made, the bold actress didn’t hold it back and stated what she felt fearlessly, have a look at this video:

Well, we love this controversy queen for her standing up to what she believes in. You go girl!! 

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