Erica Fernandes Opens Up About Her Relationship.

Love is literally in the air!!! Well, at least for Erica Fernandes. Recently Erica took to Instagram and shared one amazing picture of hers looking at her phone with all smiles. Well, what caught our attention was the caption that read ” 🧿You are my favourite notification 💕📲🧿
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Aww!! Well, seems like she is high on Love Dose these days! As a few days back Kasautii Zindagi Kay actress took to social media posting a picture one dreamy picture which made netizens go crazy and wonder what the picture was about?  where she was holding her special one’s hand and the post was nothing but filled with lots and lots of love. That made all her fans wonder whether she was getting engaged? or will she be telling her special someone’s name? Well, it seems like Erica is on for some PDA and just like before the actress is in no mood to give away any detail of the person.
Earlier as well, clarifying on her engagement possibilities, she mentioned that in her post itself that she is not engaged.

Her previous post read, “🧿 When I’m with you , i act different , in a good way ofcourse. I always smile more ☺️, i always laugh more 🤣 With you i can drop the fake smile 🙂 (if any) and put on a real one 😊👀. I don’t feel hurt or alone when I’m with you instead i feel safe and loved 🥰You’re easy to talk to and you listen to me . I don’t feel sad around you and you show me that you really do care in-fact i can see that you’re not pretending. I really appreciate what you’ve done and continue to do .coz with you I’m different I’m happy 🧿#us
p.s :- if thats what your thinking then Nah not engaged

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