RashamiDesai big boss

In the BB Elite Club task, Mahira Sharma is going to ask Rashami Desai to apply Mehendi on her entire face and Rashami will successfully complete the task. After Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz big fight, all the members of the house will be seen all charged up for the BB Elite Club Task. Yesterday, after the ugly fight between Sidharth and Asim, Asim Riaz lost his membership from the Elite Club.

Hina Khan will be seen entering the house for the fourth time to announce the second member of the Elite Club. Rashmi Desai and Arti Singh will be given numerous challenges by the housemates during the task. We will see Mahira Sharma asking Rashami Desai to apply Mehendi on her face and Rashami will accept the challenge and complete it successfully. Arti will be asked to cut her hair short till shoulder length and she too will complete her challenge. Both Rashami and Arti will be seen completing their tasks.

Later, Arti will be asked to eat raw green chillies and to which she agrees. Paras will be seen asking Rashmi to shave off her eyebrows, well it will be very exciting to watch what Rashami is going to do about it? Will she accept or reject the challenge thrown at her by Paras.

This season has been exciting than ever! Be it fights over any silly thing or major issues as well. Or be it Shehnaz Kaur Gill’s psychotic display of love for Sidharth Shukla. Earlier after Sidharth and Asim’s fight we also saw Rashami trying to sort their fight out but got bitten by Sidharth as he clearly asked her to stay out of their fight.  Well, how excited are you guys to watch today’s episode and see if Rashami will shave off her eyebrows or not?
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