Colors Tv’s recent promo of tonight’s episode where Asim is seen calling Arti Singh Sidharth Shukla’s fixed deposit which made Sidharth lose his cool and Arti cry miserably. It all happened when Asim Riaz started calling out Arti Singh Sidharth Shukla’s fixed deposit to which Sidharth lashed out at him and Arti went straight up to Rashami Desai and asked her the meaning of fixed deposit here. To which Rashami denied that she didn’t use that word for her Arhan said that earlier and now Shefali is bringing it up, rather she should ask this question to her as she said it now. Arti went up to Shefali and asked her what it means, to which Shefali says it is not nice if someone calls you that. Arti was very agitated at first with the use of the word fixed deposit for her, later on, she couldn’t hold it back and burst out in tears and asked Bigg Boss to call her inside the confession room. Inside the confession room, she expressed how hurt she was with the tag and cried inconsolably.

Well, the temperament in the house has been such ever since the friends turned enemies Sidharth and Asim’s big fight. It is generally observed that with time everything cools down but this is Bigg Boss 13, and nothing seems to cool down. Instead, the situation between Siddharth and Asim seems to go worst day by day and gives directly or indirectly gives rise to such fights in the house. Sidharth literally blasts out on the comment explaining Mahira that how the phrase ‘Fixed Deposit’ here is a very dirty word.

Meanwhile, Rashami and Shehnaaz talks about Arti and Sidharth playing around a word and blowing it out of proportion and calling it their A game. Well, we are eagerly waiting for Salman’s Vaar on the same on weekend ka vaar. How about you guys?

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