Kajol replied question 'if she would marry SRK if didn't meet Ajay?' (image source: ibtimes)

Kajol who’s majorly known for her roles in Shahrukh Khan starrer film has made headlines for her just one reply of a question asked by a fan. However, everyone knows that Kajol and Shahrukh Khan’s Jodi is evergreen and nobody can recreate that charisma of white Suit-salwar clad Simarn running to reach Raj in those Sarson Ke Khet, right?

Enjoying this Jodi as Onscreen, there is N number of fans who really want to see them together Off Screen too. But that won’t happen as we know Shahrukh Khan is a happily married man with wife Gauri Khan and Kajol is too enjoying her marital status with Ajay Devgn.

The Bollywood actress Kajol got married on 24 February 1999 with Ajay Devgn and has been living happily since her day of the wedding. Kajol’s name appears in those actresses who married her first love or crush as she herself admitted this thing about her. Kajol’s family is a perfect combination of ‘awsome foursome’ with the kids- ‘Nysa Devgn and Yug Devgn. In a recent ‘Ask Me Anything Session’ Kajol has answered some fiery questions.

Kajol replied question ‘if she would marry SRK if didn’t meet Ajay?’ (image source: Bollywoodshaadis.com)

Meanwhile the ‘Ask me anything session’ one of her fans asked her would she marry Shahrukh if she didn’t meet Ajay Devgn “Would you marry SRK if you didn’t meet Ajay?” to this, the Actress replied instantly “Isn’t the man supposed to be proposing?” The next question she asked about her preference between husband Ajay and SRK, to which she replied “Depends on the situation.”

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The chat didn’t stop here as her fans wants to know something else from her, thus they asked her ‘Who your first crush’ the actress replied ‘married my first crush’.

Kajol replied question ‘if she would marry SRK if didn’t meet Ajay?’

Again she was asked ‘Do you feel jealous when your husband loves your babies more than you?’ here she said that ‘Sometimes but so does he’. Further, she was asked whether she had a love marriage or Arrange marriage? “Love” she replied.

After the mega-success of DDLJ, the industry wants to see more Kajol-SRK but at that time Kajol and Ajay were dating each other, thus the rumors of Ajay stopping Kajol working with SRK was quite viral. According to a source who revealed, “People were talking less about Kajol’s relationship with Ajay and more about her friendship with SRK.” He further added “He allegedly couldn’t handle the pressure of everyone talking about the chemistry his competitor shared with the women he was dating. He allegedly told her that she would have to stop working with Shahrukh.”

Well, nobody can stop rumors from getting attention but as we say Kajol and SRK’s Jodi is evergreen. The last films My name is Khan and Dilwale recreate the Simar-Raj’s Jodi in their fan’s heart.

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