Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Bagga evicted (image source:

As promised the reality show Bigg Boss is making new records with its 13th season, Bigg Boss 13. The show has contestants from all the backgrounds who’re making noise and entertaining its audience. According to the recent update the show evicted its contestant Shefali Bagga who’s very natural and become quite unhappy with her ouster.

With her eviction, the show also has 7 wild card entries who’re ready to add another spice in the show. Unfortunately, some of the audience will surely miss the evicted contestants including Shefali Bagga.

Shefali Bagga, who’s the anchor in news channel also runs her own youtube channel, wherein she gossips about the lifestyle and fashion. But this time Shefali Bagga revealed some juicy insights of Bigg Boss’s house and its contestants in her youtube video. As it is already informed that Shefali Bagga wasn’t so happy with her eviction but after making her way out of the show, she has something very exciting deets for us.

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Shefali Bagga got eliminated from the show as she earned few votes in her bag. Post her eviction, Shefali Bagga decided to clear some doubts of Bigg Boss viewers as she throws light on whether the show is scripted or not? or the Bigg boss house has parlor inside or not?

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Bagga evicted (image source:

Answering the question, Shefali said that the show is not scripted and the contestants are natural. However, the reality show edits some parts and shows the interesting scenes of the Bigg Boss house. The actress also said that the contestants are allowed with their mobile phones as it is completely banned.

Furthermore, she also revealed that the contestants are provided their special code names so that the privacy can be ensured in the show and important information couldn’t be leaked in media.

Shefali was one of the strongest contestants of the show and her eviction was came out as a shock for the audience. To know more about the secrets of Bigg boss house, just check out her video below.

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