Avengers: Endgame was without any doubt the most anticipated film of the year. It was dominating the box office for quite a long time as the second biggest movie of all time. People still cannot get over the end of three major Avengers. As per to Fandango, the upcoming MCU film Spiderman: Far From Home will be marked as the post-credit for Avengers: Endgame.

Spider-Man: Far From home stood out as the most anticipated blockbuster of summer. Tom Holland who plays the Spider-Man is popular for spilling out beans from his system. There were many times when others maintained a poker face not revealing any spoilers for the audience, Tom Holland did opposite. Even this time, poor Tom Holland got some spoilers out even though he had no intention of it. 

A press event held on Monday for his forthcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home where he went on the stage in all determination of not giving away anything but his tongue seems like to be not in control of him at all. He even said to the audience knowing how good he is in keeping secrets, “What can I say without ruining it?”

All seemed well enough until he was asked about actor Jake Gyllenhaal entering the franchise in the role of Mysterio. Holland ended up spilling a major plot point from his film by saying, “Mysterio is my new best friend in the movie. We fight together to fight these creatures… Because when Thanos snaps his fingers, these creatures come from other dimensions”. After almost revealed, he realized that he did it again and had said too much.  As the crowd’s cheer grew louder, he looked shocked and uttered an “oh”.

The new detail of the film that has emerged has cleared that the film will have a heavy influence of Avengers: Endgame in its narrative.  We have all seen in Infinity War how Thanos wiped off half of the population which included several loved superheroes.  In Avengers: Endgame, superheroes like Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black widow came together for one last time to get back the people who vanished with Thanos’ snap.

Every MCU fans are curious about Mysterio as it appears like a villain it isn’t really clear. In the trailer, it is seen that Mystery have full trust of Nick Fury which is indeed tough to do even being an illusion master that he is. This just makes the fans more eager to find out how Mysterio plays out in the Spider-Man movie.

In Captain America: Civil War 2016, Holland was first introduced as Spider-Man. Holland’s first solo movie was with Spider-Man: Homecoming and now he is back again with Spider-Man: Far From Home.  The film is released by Sony Pictures Entertainment India in the country on July 5.

Holland spoke about the film by saying, “It is much bigger than the first film. There is so much more action, and (it is) funnier. It is going to be such a fun movie and you guys will love it. I can’t wait to show it to you.” He then adds with saying, “I love playing Peter Parker because he has taught me so much about being a good person”.

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