The singer Joe Jonas tied the knot with Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas in Las Vegas. They got married after they have attended the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Apparently, there is a rumor in the air that the newlyweds duo will be having a wedding number two where they will be seen with their friends and family. Recently Sophie had made an appearance on the Graham Norton Show which had actually confirmed the news as she went along dropping small hints along the course of the show.

She was even asked in an interview that if they are looking to throw a large party for celebrating and to that she replied potentially. And after that Graham went on asking how same is it going to be on July 15 in France. He went on saying “Oh no, is that a secret? Not anymore. I didn’t sign anything. It’s in France, 15th of July…I have no idea.” Turner laughed at Graham Norton’ remark and even said that it was a pretty good guess. Well, she does not seems to roll her ball out anytime soon no matter how much Norton pushes her to do it. It was known from ET that the duo makes a lovely fun couple who really loves to live in the moment.

The couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married in Las Vegas for fun and there is going to be a formal wedding with all friends and family. According to an insider, the duo will be getting married this summer as they wanted to make it legal but in a fun way.  It has been heard that they will be getting married to each other in Paris later this year.

Later, Graham Norton asks Sophie Turner if they would invite Diplo this time also for being their photographer. To all those who do not know, Diplo have live streamed the whole wedding of the couple on the Instagram account.  After that Turner tried to explain that they did not choose him to be their wedding photographer. Ant to that Graham had rightfully said: “What happens in Vegas, goes everywhere”. He had himself only decide to go on live streaming the whole wedding of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift appears on Graham Norton’s Show and both Taylor and Sophie had a great time with she sang her new single Me. Taylor Swift wore Jessica Jones which was styled by Joseph Cassell Falconer. There was no awkward moment between them but instead, they seem to had been laughing and having a good time while Taylor Swift was narrating few unforgettable car accidents.

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