Mental Hai Kya

Rajkumar Rao and Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie ‘Mental Hai Kya’ has recently raised some concerns that cannot go ignored. The film that was about to be released in March but postponed the date because of its some incomplete patchwork is raising some serious issues from the title given ‘Mental Hai Kya’.  Though the final released date of the film which is June 21 have came out but there’s a lot of tension going on about the way the movie title represents in the society.

The Stigma that runs by the Title and the Poster

The title of the movie stands as a great stigma for those who suffer from mental illness.  The health experts from Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) feel equally triggered by how the movie poster is portrayed.

According to the Hindu, they even wrote to the CBFC, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Prime Minister’s office on Thursday for drawing their attention towards their objections on the movie title. They want them to take a proper step for this sensitive matter. They find the title and the poster to be degrading, stigmatizing for the inhuman way it is projecting. The group demands that anything in the movie that violates the rights of people with mental disorder should be censored.  The group even plans to file a PIL incase no changes are made in the movie title and if they see any sequences from the film that violates the modesty of mental health.

Twitter Goes Against The Poster

Many twitter comments flows against the stigma. Even they do not like the way the movie poster is showcasing. The movie story might be saying different but the title of the movie is loaded with great stigma. The great amount of struggle goes by in the treatment of mental health issue and words like mental, psycho add a great insensitive towards them. The title ‘Mental Hai Kya’ directly attacks the sensitivity of the issue.

The National award winning Telugu filmmaker, Prakash Kovelamudi is the director of the movie ‘Mental Hai Kya’. This is his debut movie in the Bollywood industry. Anaganaga O Dheerudu and Bommalata are some of his best works that he had done. After Queen which was released in 2014, this movie is the second collaboration between Rajkumar Rao and Kangana Ranaut.

The issue has risen to the Board and the Ministers and it is up to them what happens next. Will the movie change its title or not especially when it’s so near to release it?

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