Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta in a no-holds-barred after-party of their wedding festivities….Undoubtedly, the hottest couple of the country is currently Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta. Ever since the two have got engaged, they are visibly lovey-dovey and can hardly keep their hands off each other.


And the looks they exchange whenever they are together, seems like they are too much in love. No doubt that, especially as they have been childhood friends, studied in the same school and dated for about 9 years before taking the plunge.

Bride Shloka Mehta was bedecked in jewels from head to toe, and amidst the spic and span of the great and grand Antilla, she exchanged her wedding vows with longtime beau Akash Ambani, as hashtag #AkuStoleTheShlo (Meaning Akash stole Shloka) continued to trend on social media like a storm.

Post all the wedding ceremonies that were heavily doused in Indian traditions, Akash and Shloka were all romantic and carefree. At the Maroon5 concert, their romantic dance was a vision! Later, the couple was also seen locking lips during one of the after-parties.

Here’s the clip that’s the most viral property on the internet!

They were both seen having a ball. Shloka had freed herself of all the heavy jewellery, and the new ‘it’ couple were seen with their close friends and family at this party. Post the daring and unexpected act of Akash who swept his better half off her feet, there was a huge bout of applause and cheer, and the party went on.

Theirs was certainly the ‘Wedding of the Year’, and here’s hoping that all goes well in their married paradise and this wedlock becomes an example of one of the happiest ever-afters the country has seen.

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