Why has nobody discussed these troubles so far? Here take a look….

Goss is that the famous fat and fantastic Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta wedding was not ‘arranged’ the way it probably seemed. Common perception would be that Diamond King Russell Mehta and the Ambanis felt they were ideal samdhis to each other hence they set up a wedlock of their respective kids.

If the inside gossip is anything to go by,  Ambani scion Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta studied together in the same school (Dhirubai Ambani International School) and dated for about 9 years. After which they decided to take the plunge.


Though both Akash and Shloka studied in the same class, Shloka is reportedly older than him (as per google, she is 1 year older and as per insiders, the age gap might be of a few months). Either ways, the Ambanis apparently wanted someone clearly younger than their son. For instance, they married off Isha Ambani to Anand Piramal who is 5 years older. As per Hindu culture, the bride should ideally be younger and not a single day older than the groom. They say it harms their compatibility. But when their laadla son chose the girl, the parents gave in.


As per reports, Shloka’s aunt is close to Nirav Modi, the infamous PNB (Punjab National Bank) fraudster. If Shloka’s family member, in future, get associated with Nirav Modi, it might cast a dark spell on her married life, especially considering that her in laws might not appreciate any bad press, thanks to the constant media glare.

Shloka Mehta, a topper in school, a graduate in Anthropology from Princeton University, also holding a Master’s degree in Law from the prestigious London School of Economics, has been working as the director in her father Russell Mehta’s billion dollar diamond company named Rosy Blue Diamonds since 2014. She also co-founded the NGO named ConnectFor. While Akash Ambani, being the eldest of all the 3 Ambani kids, has been acing the Reliance Industries workfront. Will Shloka continue to work for her dad? Will she be told to work with Akash in the in-laws family business? Or will she be told to rather look after her patidev‘s day-to-day domestic needs and stay within the not four but multiple walls of Antilla?


As soon as Hollywood actress Meghan Markle got hitched to Prince Harry, goss was rife that she ain’t a free bird anymore. There’s a sea of restrictions awaiting to splash on her, which included that she — being a part of the British Royal family — can’t share her selfies on social media, go out shopping or do anything alone, wear a bold colored nailpaint, or a short dress. She can’t even hold their hands when in front of the Queen and can go to sleep only when the Queen has gone to bed!


We wonder what list of rules of the Ambani kingdom may prevail on the diamond heiress and whether it is really true that diamonds shine brighter when they are exposed to heat and cut into various shapes and sizes. Or will that ‘sparkle’ in the eyes of the hottest couple stay or fade away with time and circumstances?


Only time will tell.


Lastly, the unsaid, unspoken secret that is so ingrained in most parent-child relationships is also one harsh reality Shloka might be facing (though we hope not). Will the mother and father REALLY let go of their first born child or will cling to him in all ways possible, leaving less room and ‘space’ to display the qualities of a true life partner/soul mate? There are some things nobody will ever know.


The above article neither bears any bad intentions against the people spoken about nor attempts to inculcate any negative feelings towards the said event. This is not even a prediction. The write-up is a mere side angle to a particular event.