It was a normal day in the life of Anil Kapoor. Like many actors, he shared the first picture from one of his upcoming films with his fans. Little did he know that the said photo would soon catch the kind of fire that brightens his day more!

“Together we are ‘Malang’ . Pleased to announce my first with all these talented artists. Mohit Suri, Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani and Kunal Kemmu. Malang releasing on Valentines’ 2020,” is what Anil tweeted.

The picture in which Anil Kapoor (62 years old — yes that is his age) is standing next to filmmaker Mohit Suri (47 years old), Aditya Roy Kapur (33 years old), Disha Patani (26 years old) and Kunal Kemmu (35 years old), soon turned into an internet sensation. Everyone had the same question in mind — Whoa! What does Anil Kapoor eat?

‘Anil Kapoor’s diet and exercise regime’ became one of the highest googled questions of the day. People are still googling it and the curiosity on the actor’s lifestyle is raging with each day, especially post the group photograph of the film’s cast.

It was raining compliments on one hand, and trolls on the other. While some were questioning if Anil Kapoor is 62 or 26, other trolls were about whether Sonam Kapoor’s husband (entrepreneur Anand Ahuja) is older than her father!

“Is he aging in reverse?”, “Is he a vampire” — stated many other trolls on social media.

Anil had recently also taken the #10yearchallenge on social media, with his own twist. The actor told his fans to take the Anil Kapoor challenge – since he’s been in the industry for over four decades! Take a look and we dare you to not get bowled over….

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Forget the #10YearChallenge, take the #AKChallenge!

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#anilkapoor 😁 #2019

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“Karan Johar might cast Anil Kapoor in Student of the year 3”, “Anil is looking younger than his younger self”, “The curious case of Benjamin Button is actually Anil’s biopic” — the internet would just not stop, and for a change, the reason was right this time.

The actor DOES look like he’s sort of ‘naughty at 40’, and doesn’t seem to have been in his early 60s, the age in which a person is ready to retire from his job. Anil Kapoor is — in the real sense of the term — ALIVE AND KICKING.

And much to our surprise, after all the speculations on his diet, the actor just recently shared a photo from his breakfast plate. Perhaps he is now too inspired to tell people about what he actually eats.

Trust me, now everyday millions of people are going to check Anil’s Insta and Twitter updates to check if he’s posted any food updates. For those who haven’t checked on his diet, here’s what the web states on his daily food choices….

As per reports, the actor wakes up and gulps down a banana to get his instant fix of carbs, potassium and iron. And throughout the day he takes around 6 meals, which means one meal almost every two hours. Also, he mentioned that he counts his calories with every meal.

Reportedly, Anil’s breakfast on most days is a combination of eggs or muesli. Meal 2 is almost 140 grams of protein in the form of protein shake, which is sometimes replaced by muesli.

“I have lot of protein through fish in different forms so that it’s light and easy to digest. In the evenings, I have a shake or a small ham, chicken or turkey sandwich. I wind up the day with an early dinner that comprises about 250 grams of chicken or fish. I also drink lots of water to hydrate myself,” Kapoor has been quoted as saying.


“My workouts change from day to day. My day begins at 6 a.m. with 10 minutes of cardio to warm up. Then three days a week, I work out in the gym and the other days I work out outdoors. Every day, I work on different parts of my body.”

All we’d like to say to Anil Kapoor is “Sir, you look jhakaaaas!”