Who knew that the ‘Student of the Year’ would go onto become one of the highest paid actresses of the year. And also one that loves to splurge on all things beautiful and well, e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e.

Most bankable in her age group, Alia takes home a heavy paycheque pf Rs 8 crores per film, thanks to her films’ glorious run at the Box Office, her fame and her acting prowess, off course. Here’s a list of some of the most luxurious and dreamily expensive stuff Alia Richie Rich Bhatt owes:


Alia Bhatt owns a spacious cosy apartment in Juhu with a well-organised interior designed by celebrity interior designer Richa Bahl. The actress has been heard professing her love for the precious bachelorette pad for which she doled out a heavy cheque of Rs (whopping) 10 crores. Ouch!


Alia’s latest purchase in her fleet of cars is a Range Rover Vogue that cost her around Rs 3 crores. This is only one of the whole line of mean machines she owns.

3. AUDI A6 – 60 LAKHS

Talk of fancy luxury vehicles, Bollywood celebs just want the best. Each mean machine should be a sort of competition to the other, they would feel. Another top-of-the-line luxury vehicle Alia owns is an Audi A 6 which is worth a whopping Rs 60 lakh. Hers is grey in colour.

4. AUDI Q5 – 70 LAKHS

Perhaps Alia has a special place in her heart for the German automobile brand Audi, since she also owns many models of it. The Audi Q5, considered to be the creme de la creme amongst the many SUVs, is priced at Rs 70 lakh. Alia is a proud owner.

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Alia Bhatt owns a Range Rover Evoque in dark blue color which is worth a whopping Rs 85 lakhs. She often uses this car to travel to her gym. The actress is clicked many-a-times stepping out of this car.

6. BMW 7 series – 1.32 CRORES

Talking of luxe vehicles, another German automobile giant – BMW — holds a special place in Alia’s garage. An envious addition to her impressive fleet is the BMW 7 series which cost her Rs 1.32 crores, the costliest vehicle in her parking lot.

7. AUDI Q7 – 85 LAKHS

Phew! Here’s another one from the long list of Alia’s mean cars. Audi Q7, priced at Rs 85 lakhs, stole her heart and occupied a place in her parking lot. No wonder it’s complex to be a star. One would wonder everyday upon waking up, “Which car should I take to work today?”