Some noteworthy funny moments from the recently held filmfare awards
Some noteworthy funny moments from the recently held filmfare awards

Each year, Filmfare Awards bring a plethora of entertainment, victories along with a buzz that refuses to fade away. So far, everyone has seen pictures of Ranbir and Alia kissing away to glory at the awards night alongside winning the two most coveted awards.

What’s left to see are a set of immensely humorous and meme-worthy behind-the-scenes photos from the prestigious awards ceremony, that gave us enough gossip to last a few more days. Take a look and lighten the Monday load….

1 Kajol was a vision when she laughed whole-heartedly with her longtime buddy Karan Johar. As they say, laugh like nobody is watching.

2. “Kajol yeh kya pehna hai? Kisi se na kehna that I am your favorite designer,” is what we feel Manish Malhotra might have felt while talking to Kajol at the Filmfare Awards!

3 Ranveer Singh was at his dramatic best as he performed on the stage on songs from his film ‘Padmaavat’. No wonder Bappi Lahri would choose him for his biopic. What do you think?

4. Here comes a series of photos that were probably the most humorous highlight of the evening. All eyes were on the front seat as Ranbir-Alia and Ranveer Deepika sat adjacent to each other.

5 Their body language was what all eyes were waiting to capture and understand. Whether they share cold vibes or warm ones. Whether they are cordial to each other letting bygones be bygones or deep down inside there are still feelings of resentment and attraction….

6 So whenever Ranbir and Deepika were seen exchanging glances, we were wondering what it could be! Whether Deepika is urging “You better be loyal this time…to your new girl…” “Or maybe she’s trying to tell Alia that don’t be fooled… this Kapoor lad isn’t changing, while Ranbir was all ears! Lol.

7 Or the moment Ranbir looked at Deepika with eyes that think of a friendship in the future, Mrs Padukone-Singh gave a “F**k with your new girl not me..” kind of a reply.

8 Meanwhile a few seats away, perhaps two of Ranbir Kapoor’s exes were becoming friends. After all, dushman ka dushman = dost. Or maybe they were laughing out on their common mistakes! Oops.

9 Another hilarious moment that became quite a popular meme on social media was when Katrina and Ranveer Singh exchanged a warm hug, and for some reason, Ranbir was not so happy about it.

10 But Alia, perhaps, was a little uncomfortable when Katrina crossed Ranbir’s path, and quickly tried to grab her beau’s hand, probably shouting aloud from the inside, “Ab woh sirf mera hai!”

11 And later, trying to grab her by the waist and express — “Kya hua? Why you walking around my man?”

12. “Tumhe koi hak nahin hai yahaan baithne ka. Either you stay away from Ranbir or I will walk you till the door”!

13. “Oops! I hope my beau doesn’t indulge in gay love like Ranveer Singh.”

14 And then off course, there was a lot of kissing, necking and pecking and blah blah blah….

15 While Ranveer was proving to Deepika that “Main shaadi ke baad badla nahin hoon. Main pehle bhi tumhare kadmon mein tha aur aaj bhi hoon”

16 And when Ranbir and Alia kissed, Deepika and Ranveer too had to kiss. After all, competition runs in the film industry, no?

17. We wish someone could actually ask Katrina that question. Would be great, right?

18 Some pics from after-party are a must. These stars work hard and party harder.

19 While having fun, they promote each other’s films too. In this video, Ranveer and Deepika are promoting Varun Dhawan’s song ‘First Class’ from his upcoming film ‘Kalank’.

20 Maybe it was getting too hit in there and Deepika needed some fresh air…

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