Pulwama attack revenge Farhan Akhtar
(left) Indians protesting against Pakistan for Pulwama attack on Indian army. (right) Mirzapur producer Farhan Akhtar

#PULWAMAATTACK: Not even a week back, Pakistan led terrorist group attacked the convoy of Indian Army at Pulwama district in Jammu Kashmir and the entire Nation is in grief. The coward attack took lives of more than 40 army jawans and each one of us is looking for revenge. The anger is still in the eyes of the people and the grief is yet to become past. While every citizen is demanding for teaching a lesson to anti-nationals inside and outside India, Farhan Akhtar seems to unintentionally glorify one.

The nation mourns for the Indian Army killed in Pulwama attack.

In 1993, a serial bomb explosion took place in Mumbai in which 12 bombs were exploded in Mumbai and hundreds of people lost their lives. It took years for the families of Mumbai to come out of that grief and to get their life to normal. As per the source, ‘Mirzapur’ producer Farhan Akhtar is now all set to make a new web series dedicated to the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim who was the mastermind behind the inhumane Mumbai serial blast. The source also revealed that Farhan got the inspiration from S. Hussain Zaidi’s book Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia. The series is to highlight how Dawood, who once was a thug and smuggler, became a superpower and started ruling Mumbai and then underworld.

Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia – the book portrays the details on the life of India’s most famous goon Dawood Ibrahim. His story from his days in Dongri, Mumbai to his rise to becoming the international terrorist that is known as today has been described

We are yet not sure whether Dawood will be shown as a villain or a hero or how much modifications will be done from the story shown in the book. But this gives us 3 major questions. Firstly, while there are many enrapturing stories and books available, why Farhan Akhtar picked this particular story? Till when the Bollywood will keep glorifying the mafias and esp. Dawood Ibrahim? Secondly, Farhan’s production house Excel Entertainment has been through this controversy before. In their 2017 movie Raees featuring Shah Rukh Khan, many felt the inkling between SRK’s character and Dawood’s smuggling business. People criticized the glorification of mafia-giri through a movie and many even opposed its release. Has Farhan learned nothing from the past? We wonder, how the family who lost their loved ones will feel once the webseries is out.

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The third and the most crucial question- when a villain has been portrayed in an impactful way people tend to like him. Be it in web series like Mirzapur, Bollywood film like Sholay or a Hollywood film like The Dark Knight – even if the character is shown as a villain, people tend to get influenced by the negative character more than the lead actor. We wonder, is Farhan willing to accept any repercussions of the new influencers of Dawood? We just hope, Farhan Akhtar will rethink about his stand on making a multi-season series on the mafia king instead of recklessly producing under the banner of ‘freedom of expression’ in art.