Manikarnika and Thackeray box office collection day 7
Manikarnika and Thackeray box office collection day 7 (image source:

Manikarnika – Thackeray Box Office Collection Day 7 : Finally the seven days are complete for Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika and Nawazuddin Siddiqi’s Thackeray. Focusing on the life of Politician Bal Thackeray and Jhansi’s queen Rani Lakshmi Bai, the movies are the main buzz on social media. Despite facing numerous hurdles, Manikarnika has managed to sweep the floor with amazing box office collection at Indian market.

Manikarnika has been released across 3000 screens in India and 700 screens overseas. However, the film may have under performed with failing at the expectations of the trade analysts. But it has managed to maintain a good grip at box office as the film has surpassed the Rs 50 crore benchmark.

Manikarnika box office day 7(Image Source: Jansatta)

According to the latest report at, on Thursday day 7 the film has collected Rs 3.75 crore. Now the total box office collection of Kangana Ranaut Manikarnika is stand with Rs 56.85 crore in its first week.

But the second friday could be crucial to Kangana’s film as the Sonam Kapoor’s film ‘Ek Ladki Koh Dekha Tog Aisa Laga’ has released on this friday and it could make a huge impact on Manikarnika’s collection.

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On the other hand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s Thackeray has recovered its production cost with making around total Rs 30 crore in the first week. The film is all set to heading towards the lifetime collections of Rs 37-40 crore. Opened up with Rs 5 crore, it has earned Rs 9 crore on Saturday and Rs 6 crore on Sunday.

Manikarnika Thackeray Box Office Collection Day 7 (image source: हिंदी न्यूज़ –

Talking about its decent earning, Nawazuddin Siddiqi has said that “Honestly speaking, I don’t pay much heed to a film’s collection and numbers. But it is a weird place, many people judge films on the basis of the collection, no matter what the content is.”

He also added “So many films have been made in our industry in which actors have performed well, but the film did not do well in terms of collections…and then they got declared as flops. And there are also so many films in which actors didn’t perform well but the film turned out to be the biggest hit just because it collected a good amount at the box office…weird. So, in such scenarios I also can’t totally overlook the box office collection of the films.”

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