Mc Sher urf Siddhant Chaturvedi is already a national crush after his movie Gully Boy. Now Deepika Padukone too is impressed with the talented actor.

Ever since the movie Gully Boy released on 14th February, it has raised many eyebrows. Alia Bhatt’s performed stunningly like in her every movie. Ranveer Singh truly emerged as the new king of Bollywood after one after another blockbuster. But there is one new face in the movie which created a major impression in the minds of the audience. It was of the newcomer Siddhant Chaturvedi. The actor played MC Sher in the movie Gully Boy and was shown as a mentor to Ranveer Singh who played Murad.

Since the day the movie released, social media can’t stop buzzing about Siddhant. His followers on Instagram roused in lakhs in less than 48 hrs and he already has tasted twitter trend on his name. Many entertainment pages pointed out how he effortlessly overshadowed Ranveer Singh in the movie. Have a look at a few such posts.

Some even compared him with Uri actor Vicky Kaushal and called him the NATIONAL CRUSH.

When Siddhant Chaturvedi was asked about the biggest compliment he received for his work in the movie, the actor said it was from Ranveer Singh’s wife Deepika Padukone. The actress got impressed by his performance in the movie and also how he carries himself. Siddhant further revealed Deepika found him ‘cute’. The actor said ‘People were expecting someone huge. You know like someone around 28. When people saw me in real they were quite astonished. They were like ‘Oh he is just 25! He is so cute.’ So I think that was a compliment.’

 Well now that we know what Deepika thinks about him, lets hear what Siddhant thinks about the actress.

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