Jasleen Matharu
Jasleen Matharu had fake releationship with Anup Jalota as a lover (image source: Bollywood Tadka)

All of us were shocked when Jasleen Matharu confirmed her relationship with Anup Jalota in front of Salman Khan. Afterward, the round of trolling and memes started making its way on social media as the people were shocked to see them as a couple. 

However, 28-year-old Jasleen Matharu not even confirmed her love for 65-year-old Anup Jalota but also did various attempts to make people believe in their statement. Meanwhile, when Anup Jalota gets evicted from the show he denied his loving relationship with Jasleen and said that it was only for the show. 

While the Bigg Boss show’s fans are not believing on his words but now Jasleen Matharu has also said something very shocking which could disppoint the audience.  

During an interaction with a leading media house, She said, “As the show’s theme was jodis, I suggested that Anupji come along; we were a guru-shishya jodi. But when Salman was introducing the housemates in the opening episode, I joked that I know Anupji for three years and that we are together. Anupji was taken aback and did not react. Had he reacted then, the matter would have ended there? I continued the joke inside the house, and he played along. But when he realised things were going too far, he was scared.”

She added again “I am 28 and he is 65. I was shocked that it had become a national issue. I Googled all that was written about me; I saw the memes about Anupji and me.”

Jasleen Matharu had fake releationship with Anup Jalota as a lover (image source: thelucknowtribune.com )

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Jasleen opened up about her equation with Anup Jalota, “The truth is that there has always been a guru-shishya relationship between us. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Anup Ji had called me on stage by referring to me as his shishya. Since it was a premier show with Salman Khan and Anup ji, I immediately thought of playing a stupid prank. I went on stage and cracked a joke that we were in a relationship since three years and are going in the house as a couple. I thought Anup Ji will react to the joke but he didn’t and in no time Salman sent us into the house. The prank was left incomplete and could not be cleared.”

Well, the truth can disappoint various Bigg Boss viewers but their fake relationship chemistry has helped the show to achieve a great TRP.   

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