Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey strips down again (Image source: inkhabar.com)

Actress and Model Poonam Pandey soaring the internet’s temperature as she came up with another hot and sexy video. The model is well-known for her semi-nude and stripping down videos which got millions of views on the internet.

Poonam Pandey had once made headlines when she declared that she would go nude if the Indian Cricket Team won the world cup in 2011. However, she hadn’t done anything like this but her announcement has made her internet sensation then.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey strips down again (Image source: imdb.com)

Recently, She has posted a video on Instagram in which she can be seen removing her white top and showing her sultry moves. Her cleavage is highlighting the video, later her hands shifted to her bottom to which she has unbuttoned her jeans. The video has caption which reads “This is just a TEASER. FULL Strip tease Video on my APP. Go check it. Download #ThePoonamPandeyAPP”

Apart from the latest buzz, She’s also known for her work in Bollywood films. She made her Bollywood debut with 2013 movie Nasha. In which she had played the role of a teacher who ends up with having a sexual affair with a much younger student than her. But the movie had failed to garner the maximum views on theatres.

Alongside her career in Bollywood, in 2014 she made a special appearance in a song Shyane Ishta Cricketettu from the Kannada film Love Is Poison. Later, she was starred in a Telugu film titled Malini and Co. In 2018, Poonam Pandey again starred in the movie Journey Of Karma with the actor Shakti Kapoor. Poonam Pandey’s every sultry move made into the news as she rose to fame after posting semi nude videos.

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