Malaika Arora Khan met Arbaaz Khan Girlfriend
Malaika Arora Khan met Arbaaz Khan Girlfriend (image source: YouTube)

The former married couple Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan keep making headlines with their new relationships goals. Actor, Director, and Producer Arbaaz Khan has made his relationship with girlfriend Georgia Andriani confirmed while Malaika Arora’s relationship with Arjun Kapoor is still under the wrap. Apart from their personal lives, what will be happened if Arbaaz Khan’s ex-wife Malaika Arora and girlfriend Georgia Andriani came face to face? Well, don’t need to imagine the scene as the incident actually happened at Arbaaz Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s Ganpati pooja celebration.

For the people who’re thinking that Malaika might behave awkwardly with Georgia, so the guys nothing like that happened at the site. Malaika Arora’s baby sister Amrita Arora introduced Malaika to Georgia and they were very friendly and warm with each other.

Malaika Arora Khan met Arbaaz Khan Girlfriend (image source: YouTube)

In an interview with DNA, Arbaaz Khan opened up about his personal life as he said that “I am in a good space at this point in time. Everybody has their scenarios, challenges, ups and downs, happiness and disappointments… I am not saying that any of those are completely washed away.”

He added “There will always be a sense of things you want to achieve, where you want to be, a sense of disappointment, a few regrets here and there. Those are always going to linger. How you cope with them and how you move on is what your life is about. Right now, I am in a better space because I am able to cope with whatever challenges are thrown at me.”

Malaika Arora’s sister Amrita Arora is sharing a great bond with Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend Georgia Andriani which marked a good understanding between Arbaaz and his former sister in law Amrita.

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