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Salman Khan made joke on Ranveer Singh's dressing style (image source:

It was the press launch of Bigg Boss 12 at Goa where Salman  Khan kick-started his journey for Bigg Boss season 12. However, the press launch was mainly focused on the Bigg Boss 12 affairs but somehow it was diverted to the actor Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh is the only actor in B-Town who never shy away from experimenting with the apparels. Numerous times he was spotted with the different attires.


Salman Khan made joke on Ranveer Singh's dressing style
Salman Khan made joke on Ranveer Singh’s dressing style (image source:

Seems like, Salman Khan is not so happy with Ranveer Singh’s experiment with the costumes. During the press conference, Salman Khan pointed out a Reporter and asked him ‘Who selects costumes for you?’ and before waiting for a reply he said himself ‘Ranveer Singh?’ Afterward, the whole crowd exists there started laughing out loud.


Receiving Salman Khan’s critical comment on Ranveer Singh, the whole internet is quite shocked as the gossip mill is churning about whether Salman Khan dislikes Ranveer Singh?

Apart from this Salman Khan shared a lot of things about Bigg Boss 12 as he said “They ask me questions like, ‘When are you getting married?’ Bigg Boss is one of the biggest properties on television with which I have had the longest relationship in my life so far. Maybe I should get married to Bigg Boss, there are various advantages to it.”

Bigg Boss 12 Salman Khan lmade joke on Ranveer singh
Bigg Boss 12 Salman Khan lmade joke on Ranveer singh (image source: Catch News)

On the theme of the show he said “There are so many kinds of jodis. Naagin-sapera, boy-boy, girl-girl, saas-bahu, siblings, co-workers or friends. There is no Aadhaar to enter Bigg Boss; only criteria is that the jodi has to be vichitra,”

On its association with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, he said “I am doing a film with Sanjay. I haven’t heard the script yet. I have heard the line of it. I have been trying to call him but he isn’t attending my calls. Just tell him to call me up,”

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