Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Kartik and Naira are not ready but they still meet the lawyers for divorce as they see no other option. Anmol and Mansi has run away and Kartik and Naira look for them

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 Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) are on their way back home and they cry thinking about each other. They remember their happy times and cry some more. Their car stops at a signal and Naira imagines Kartik coming there and writing I Love You on her window. Kartik imagines Naira kissing her. Their imaginations fade away.

Nandini tells Anmol to not to keep any false hope as they will not agree for their marriage. Anmol gets upset about it. Kartik comes home and Manshi asks him to convince everyone. As Kartik says nothing Mansi feels hurt and leaves.

Suwarna asks Kartik about being late and he tells her that the lawyer has called them in the evening to meet. Naira also tells everyone that. Naitik offers to accompany her but Naira denies, Kartik also denies any company.

Manish gets coffee for Kartik and Naitik gets juice for Naira. They both talk to their respective children and asks them to take decisions wisely, after giving it a long thought. Manish hugs Kartika and Naitik hugs Naira.

Naira and Naitik meets the lawyer

The lawyers Mr. Sharma and Mr. Singh are waiting for the duo. Kartik comes outside the session court and is hesitant to go in. His umbrella flies away and Naira gets him under her umbrella, they look at each other.

The lawyers come there and take them inside, Naira is about to slip when Kartik holds her hand. Observing this, the lawyers give each other a look. Naitik, Naksh, Kirti, Akhilesh, and Manish are standing outside the court feeling sad about the couple.

Manish wishes they realize that they are made for each other during the proceedings. Naitik adds that he hopes they run out of the lawyers’ chambers.

Both the lawyers ask them to sign some papers. Kartik observes that Naira is feeling cold and switches off the AC, saying that he is feeling cold. The peon gets a tea and a coffee, Naira remembers that Kartik like coffee at this time and thus takes tea instead. The lawyers observe the intimacy between the couple.

They ask Kartik and Naira about the reason for their divorce. Kartik says it mutual and Naira mentions that they want to keep it clean. Mr. Sharma tells them that if the judge feels there is some hope left, then he will dismiss the case. Singh suggests that they will have to behave in court as if there is nothing left in their relation.

Anmol and Mansi ran away

Kartik takes the papers and remembers Naira’s word. They get calls and run out of the chamber. They get into Kartik’s car and rush away. Everyone standing outside the court rejoices as they saw them running out from the chamber.

Soon their happy bubble is burst as the news of Anmol and Mansi’s running away reaches them. everyone gets shocked on hearing this and leave from there.

Surekha blames Anmol for brainwashing Mansi and Nandani blames Mansi for it. Everyone at home is worried and angry the kids for taking such severe action.

Naira tries calling Anmol. Kartik asks her to try texting Mansi from his phone. She picks his phone and sees their photo as the screensaver, she gets emotional for a second.

Kartik suggests contacting the duo’s friend. He adds that they shouldn’t have taken this step as now the families would not agree to the relationship at all. Naira sees Anmol and Mansi on the road, Kartik follows them.

At a hotel, Kartik asks about the couple and the receptionist declined to give any information. Kartik and Naira threaten him and he gave them the information. Kartik tells Naira that they will convince the duo and take them home.

The receptionist informs that the police is here for a raid, Kartik thinks of finding the couple soon as this is a very shady place. Anmol is consoling Mansi and hugs her.


Kartik and Naira meet Anmol and Mansi. They see police coming and try to escape.

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