Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: After an emotional speech by Ishita, Romi finally decides to stay back. The family is happy but their smiles are quickly snatched away by the news of Tania suicide. The suicide note found blames Raman and the Police arrest him for questioning.

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Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) ends her emotional speech by telling Romi that it is love and affection for family members that he is leaving behind.

Raman (Karan Patel) puts in his piece that Romi came home drunk at times and he used to help Romi through it. If he can’t stick by in their crisis, he is free to leave. He asks him to leave if he wishes to but hug him first. Everyone cries.

Romi stays back

Romi realizes his mistake, apologizes to everyone and hugs them.  Raman tells Romi that he understands that Romi needed some time out form all the troubles at home, thus he is sending him to Rome.

Rami is surprised by the offer and Raman explains to him that he will handle the new project there. Everyone is happy about this development.

Raman thanks Ishita

Raman informs everyone that Romi has boarded the flight. He asks Ishita to come aside as he wants to talk to him. Raman thanks Ishita for all her support for past few days. He adds that he is happy that she is back as he was not able to take care of the family alone.

Raman gets a call and gets shocked. Ishita enquires about it and Raman tells her that they have to go to Tania’s house right now.

Tania is dead

As the family arrives at Tania’s house they find her hanging from the ceiling fan. The police are sealing the premises and Shagun informs them that someone called the NGO, so she called them.

Parmeet and Simmi come home and find no one at home. Parmeet suggests that perhaps the NGO lady has informed everyone. They go to their room to wait for everyone to come home.

Shagun asks the inspector about Tania and the inspector informs her that he can only say anything after the postmortem report arrives. The inspector informs them that Tania left a suicide note that says that Raman pushed her to commit suicide. They all get shocked.

Simmi is full of anxiety and Parmeet asks her to act asleep. Simmi is happy that the odds are in their favor again. Parmeet suggests celebrating and Simmi asks him to wait till Raman is behind bars and Ishita is sullen from defeat

Inspector takes Raman away

 Inspector asks Raman to come with him, Ishita objects it claiming that he is innocent. Shagun stops her, asking her to not to interfere as they have evidence against Raman. She suggests that they will get Raman out on bail and prove his innocence somehow.

Ishita requests to talk to him before he leaves and the inspector agrees. She tells Raman to not to be guilt-ridden by the incident as he is not responsible for Tania’s death. Raman goes with the police and she cries. Shagun asks her to control herself as she is Raman’s strength.

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Everyone blames Simmi

Everyone comes back home, Simmi hears them and comes out to see if Raman is arrested or not. She enquires about they being stressed and Raman being missing.

Mrs. Bhalla shouts at her for acting all sweet when she is the reason that Raman is at the police station. Simmi acts shock and asks why is Raman in Police station. She behaves all innocent and Ishita asks her to stop her drama.

Ishita tells her that they all know that Simmi is the one framing Raman. She adds that Simmi might have suggested Tania about the video and she is responsible for her death that led to Raman’s arrest. Simmi still acts innocent and Ishita asks her to drop the pretend and leave. Ishita cries as Simmi goes from there.


Mani says courts are closed, Raman can’t get bail.