Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Everyone doubts Raman and believes in Tania, except Ishita. Ishita tells everyone that Raman might not be in control when he is drunk, but he could not play with a woman’s respect.

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While everyone has believed in Tania’s accusation and they mistrust Raman (Karan Patel); Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) stands by him.

She tells everyone that Raman’s drinking problem is an issue but he just couldn’t do something like this. She adds that Raman did go to the pub and chatted with Tania, but all this was to make her jealous. Ishita says that Raman used to send her picture of them together if Raman has had some wrong intention he wouldn’t have messaged her.

Raman looks on. Romi gets a call and goes out. The call is from the movers and Romi tells them that he can’t move out today. Ishita overhears this and thanks Romi to stick by. Romi tells her that he did it for mum and dad, he doesn’t believe that Raman is innocent.

Ishita tells him that she is happy that he cares for the family, she adds that she will support Raman no matter what. Tania says she wants to file a case and Shagun asks her not to decide in haste.

Ishita challenges Tania

Ishita asks Tania what will she produce as a proof to the police, the CCTV footage has Raman going to her house and nothing else. Tania tells her that she has Raman’s phone and the video in it.

Ishita counteracts that by saying that she could have flicked the phone from Raman and planted it herself to frame Raman. She tells him that she is free to talk to the police, but she should be prepared to answer some question. Like why did she took Raman home in a drunken state among others?

Tania is buffed by her reply and says that she will get Raman punished. She leaves from there. Shagun questions Ishita’s trust in Raman and so does Appa. Ishita tells them both that she feels that Raman is innocent and she will support him.

Ishita consoles Raman

Simmi is irritated that there plan failed as they though Ishita won’t believe Raman. Parmeet suggests to her that what if they publicise this news and everyone gets to know about it.

Ishita comes to the room and sees Raman drinking. She reminds him that he promised that he won’t drink again. Raman gives the bottle to her, Ishita asks him to trust her that drinking isn’t the solution to their problems.

Raman asks her why is she trusting him, he chastises himself that he wrongfully used Tania to make Ishita jealous. He adds that maybe Tania is telling the truth as he becomes a monster when he drinks.

Ishita asks him to stop beating himself. She tells him that he could behave badly after drinking but she trusts that he could do no such thing.

Raman gets a call from Shweta and he asks her to cancel all the meeting. Ishita encourages him to not to cancel any meeting and face the world. Raman holds her hand taking the support she is offering, Ishita thinks that she loves Raman and she was with him in good time and will be with him in bad times as well

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Some ladies disrupt Raman’s office

In the morning, Raman greets everyone at the breakfast table. Everyone ignores him and he leaves the house without eating anything.

In the office, his clients have arrives and he goes for the meeting. Raman’s meeting is interrupted as he hears some women shouting. He goes and sees some women barging inside and protesting.

Ishita comes there and hears the guard calling the police station. Shel learns about the women protesting and leaves asking the guard to protect Raman.

Raman shouts at the ladies that they are trespassing, Tania is among them and she shouts back at him. Raman tells everyone that he has done no such act that Tania claims.


The ladies shout slogans against Raman and Ishita comes there. She challenges Tania that she will prove her wrong within two days. Tania worries about the same.