Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Tania accuses Raman of trying to film her in the bathroom. After she produces the CCTV footage that has Raman at her apartment, everyone doubts Raman. Ishita however, supports him as she believes Raman couldn’t do such a thing.

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Tania arrives at the Bhalla house and shocks everyone by accusing Raman (Karan Patel) of filming her while taking a bath. She tells everyone that she took Raman home as he was drunk and Raman took advantage of the situation and positioned his Mobile in her bathroom. Raman denies doing any such thing.

Tania introduces herself to the family and tells everyone that she and Raman have been dating for a few months. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Roshni recognize her from the photo Raman once sent.

Tania adds that Raman met her at the Pub and was very disturbed due to a fight with his brother. She invited home as he was so upset and drunk as well. Raman pleads that he couldn’t have such a thing, even Bala supports him. Tania says that they can check the CCTV footage that Raman indeed came to her place.

Shagun comes from NGO’s side

Tania has lodged a complaint and Shagun comes there representing her NGO. Shagun asks Tania if she is sure that it was Raman. Tania accuses everyone of supporting Raman even when he is wrong. She threatens to go to the police and to the court if need be.

Ishita requests Tanya if they can see the footage and Tania asks them over to her apartment. Before they leave Ishita asks about the same from Raman. Raman tells her that he remembers nothing from the night as he was quite drunk.

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Simmi and Parmeet are ecstatic

Everyone is worried and Simmi tries to put some more oil into the flames. She exclaims that if Ishita finds proof against Raman she will not rest until she put him behind bars, as she is Jagat-Mata.

Simmi and Parmeet are ecstatic that everyone is sullen, they plan to drink champagne and enjoy when Raman is sent off to the jail.

Shagun, Ishita, and Tania come back and everyone asks them about what they found. Shagun tells them that Raman is captured in CCTV footage.  She plays the footage and they Tania supporting a heavily drunk Raman towards her home.

Everyone doubts Raman

Raman exclaims that CCTV footage doesn’t prove that he made any such video. Tania tells everyone the whole story as a flashback is shown. She tells them that after she got Raman home, he started getting handsy.

She stops him and asks him to leave. Before leaving Raman uses the washroom. Tania closes the door and goes for a shower and gets shocked after seeing a phone on recording mode. Flashback ends.

Tania asks everyone if something like this would have had happened to their daughter, Raman asks her to shut up. Mr. Bhalla approaches Raman and slaps him. While everyone is in shock, Simmi and Tanya look at each other smiling.

Mrs. Bhalla starts crying. Ishita shouts out enough and asks everyone to believe in Raman. She adds that he respects women and could not do any such thing; Tania might be just taking advantage of his inebriation. Ishita question that if Raman was so drunks that he wasn’t able to support his own weight, how could he think about it and position the camera for recording Tania.

Even after Ishita’s explanation everyone especially Shagun and Mr. Bhalla does not trust Raman. They say that Raman doesn’t know what he does his drunken state. Raman gets sad on hearing this.


Shagun says Raman can do anything in a drunken state and she will get him punished. Ishita 
says she will support Raman.