Naagin Season 3 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: After saving themselves from the Mongoose by falling off the cliff into a pond, Maahir and Bella take rescue in an abandoned hut. Anu manages to get evidence against Bella and is about to expose her when Jhamini turns the table around and blames Anu for everything. Later, it is discovered that Jhamini is a witch and she is in the house for Bella.

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Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) and Maahir (Pearl V Puri) are surrounded by the mongoose. Trying to escape them Bela is at the edge of the cliff, she is about to fall when Maahir jumps. The duo starts falling off the clip, Maahir manages to get hold of a Tree bark and stop the fall.

While hanging from the tree, Bella and Maahir have an argument as to why he came to save her. Bella is trying hard to hate him, but the background song and her expression suggest that she is falling for him. The branch breaks and the duo falls into the water.

At home, Jhamini is found unconscious and everyone worries about her. Anu sticks to blaming Bella for harming everyone, she and some others decide to raid Bella’s for some proof.

An Abandoned Hut (how original)

Bella and Maahir manage to survive the fall and exists the water soaking wet. Maahir offers his shirt to her and she wears it. Like in every serial the duo finds an abandoned hut and takes shelter there.

Maahir suggests that he will check on the car, but Bella stops him saying that it is about to rain. It starts raining and it is established that part of Bella/Naagin’s power is to sense the change in weather.

Anu finds Proof against Bella

At Bella’s maternal house Poulomi, RJ, Mahir’s sister, Anu, and Boltu misbehave with her father. They toss the whole house around looking for proof. Anu enters Bella’s room (alone for some reason) she finds a sheet with all of their photos on it.

Photos of people harmed till yet are rounded including Maahir’s. Anu takes this proof and all of them leave the house.

Bella cares for Maahir

Maahir is trying to get the fire started and he feels pains. Bella finds some turmeric in her bag and applies the same on Maahir’s wound. The duo decides to stay put for a while due to the weather.

Maahir is dee in sleep when Bella observes that his wound is bleeding. Using another one of her special powers Bella heals some wound. Maahir turns in his sleep and held her hand, Bella remembers that she has to kill him.

Bella goes close to him to sting him when lightning strikes. She loses her concentration of sorts due to it and Maahir wakes up. (really though how hard is it to kill a mere mortal when you have the Naagin super-powers?)

Bella tells Maahir that they should leave and conveniently the storm stops. Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) is praying for the safety of the duo when they arrive home.

Maahir tells her that some goons attacked them and they managed to escape merely. The inspector armed with proof gathered by Anu claims Bella’s intention isn’t correct. Sumitra and Maahir protect her even after they see the poster.

Jhamini protects Bella

Maahir asks Bella to tell them about the pictures when Jhamini comes there. She tells them that it was Anu who asked Adi to blame Bella for everything.

Anu is shocked and shouts at Jhamini. Jhamini tells everyone that Anu really likes Maahir and thus wants Bella out of his life. On questioning Anu agrees to her attraction for Maahir. Poulomi adds that Anu might have made the poster to frame Bella as she was inside the room alone for so long.

Now, everyone believes that Anu has done all this in a childish whim and Bella is off the hook. Bella is once again floored by Maahir’s blind trust in her.

Jhamini is a witch

Sumitra, Bella, and Maahir get food for Jhamini, they thank her for supporting Bella. Bella all the while is growing suspicious towards her.

Jhamini goes near the mirror after all of them leave. She offers food to a pint-sized Adi hung to the side of the mirror. Adi is scared and questions her about her intentions.

While answering his questions Jhamini changes her form and flies outside the window. She tells Adi that she is a witch and is her for Bella as she knows that Bella is a Naagin.

Bella, on the other hand, thinks of questioning Jhamini as she doesn’t trust her. She hears some noise from her room and moves towards the room. Adi is shouting for help as Bella knocks on the door and enters the room.

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Anu tells ACP that Bella is a Naagin

Anu visits ACP’s home in the night, the ACP initially makes fun of her obsession for Maahir. Anu asks him to believe her and claims that Bella is an Icchadhari Naagin.

ACP laughs at her audacity for making such claims when she tells him about the night they killed a snake. She tells him that Bella might be one of the Ichadhari Naagin that has come to take revenge on them.


Bella expresses her doubt on Jhamini to Bella. Vish decides to investigate Jhamini and her intentions.