Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Tanu is scared that Disha suspects her role in Kiara’s fall and is scared that she will tell Abhi. Abhi talks to Kiara but misses talking to Pragya due to voice troubles. Aaliya suggests Tanu, to get into Disha’s good books to safeguard herself. Abhi imagines that Pragya is near her.

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Pragya (Sriti Jha) checks Kiara’s foot and see that it is healing. Kiara tells her how Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)

Abhi calls Tanu and asks her to be more responsible towards home. He tells her that he had a work with Disha Walia and she shall overlook the repairing of the tiles. Tanu was afraid that Abhi has learned about her hand in Kiara’s fall, she is relieved for now.

Abhi conveniently misses recognizing Pragya

Kiara is talking to the phone with Abhi and she tells him that her mother is quite angry with him. Abhi can’t hear her properly and tells her so. Pragya comes there and insists on talking to Abhi. Kiara gives the phone to Pragya and asks her to be polite with Abhi.

Pragya thanks Abhi for helping Kiara, as luck would have it Abhi could not hear a word that Pragya has said. Abhi says that he can’t hear them. Kiara takes the call and tells Abhi that he loves him, Abhi manages to hear this and says that he loves her too.

Pragya suggests Kiara, to invite Superman to their home and Kiara makes an excuse. Abhi thinks that he feels like talking to Pragya whenever he is talking to Kiara. He believes that it is because he loves Kiara and thus imagines Pragya in her. Abhi dozes off to sleep thinking the same.

Aaliya gives Tanu an Idea

Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks her for a suggestion. She tells her about Kiara’s fall and her role in it. Tanu adds that Disha suspects her and now she is scared that Disha will tell Abhi.

Aaliya is irritated by Tanu’s stupidity and suggests her to treat Disha well and come closer to her, so she doesn’t tell her suspicion to Abhi. Tanu leaves from there and Aaliya thinks that once Tanu is closer to Disha, she will plot her next move to kick Disha out of their house.

Aaliya behave all Lovey Dovey with Disha

Dasi asks Robbin to make Disha and Purab’s favorite food as today is their anniversary. Tanu hears this and thanks Dasi for informing her. Dasi is surprised by her expression.

Tanu knocks on Purab and Disha’s door and enters their room. She wishes them a happy anniversary and asks Disha to join her for shopping. Disha and Purab are surprised with Tanu changed avatar as she leaves. Purab and Disha wish each other a happy anniversary.

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Abhi imagines Pragya

Abhi wakes up and imagines Pragya near him. She asks him to drink coffee and Abhi tells her that he needed it as he was having a headache.

Pragya asks Abhi if she could ask him something, Abhi nods. She says that she felt something when they met yesterday and asks him if he still loves her.

Abhi tells Pragya that he loves her a lot even now. Pragya thanks him and moves to leave. Abhi tries to stop her, but she says that her husband is waiting for her. Abhi soon realizes that it was his imagination.


King tells Pragya that he has nobody in his life other than Pragya and Kiara.