Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Abhi tells Purab that Pragya is now King’s wife and he gets shocked. Disha comes home and tells him that Kiara is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter. She wants to tell Abhi but Purab stops her wondering if Kiara turns out to be King and Pragya’s daughter.

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Pragya (Sriti Jha) checks Kiara’s foot and see that it is healing. Kiara tells her how Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) took care of her and sung a wrong song to distract her from her pain.

Abhi is smiling to himself in his room when Purab comes there. He comments that Abhi smiles like this when he has met Pragya. Abhi affirms his suspicion and Purab asks him for the details.

Abhi tells him that Pragya was just outside their house and has left now. Purab feels sad that she did not meet him, he questions Abhi for not inviting Pragya in the house.

Purab learns about Pragya

Abhi tells Purab that he couldn’t as Pragya is now King’s wife. Purab is shocked to hear this, he asks Abhi for how long has he known this. Abhi tells him that he met her when he had gone to a party at King’s place.

Purab scolds him for keeping this a secret from him. Abhi tells him that he had no strength to tell Purab that Pragya is now someone else’s. Purab apologizes for his probing and higs him. He asks Abhi to tell him such things next time so he can share his pain.

Purab learns about Kiara

Dasi calls Purab and he goes downstairs. Pragya and Abhi both observe the falling rain from their respective windows and reminiscence each other.

Disha comes home and meets Purab, She excitedly tells him about Kiara and Pragya’s relationship. She suggests that Kiara is Abhi daughter and Purab asks her if she is sure about it.

He tells her that he just learned that Pragya is King’s wife now and Kiara might be their daughter. Disha suggests that Kiara resembles Abhi and Abhi will be ecstatic to know about it. Purab stops her from telling Abhi as if the opposite is true, Abhi won’t be able to handle himself. Disha and Purab decide to first they will find out the truth and then inform anybody else.

King comes home and obsesses over Kiara’s injury. He tells Pragya to never stop him from caring for Kiara like she stopped him today from coming. Pragya manages to calm his anger down.


Kiara is talking to Abhi on phone. Pragya takes the call and says hello, Mr. Superman, I am Kiara’s mum. Abhi hears her voice and is shocked.

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