Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Pragya sees Abhi’s pictures and thinks about him. Tanu successfully executes her plan and makes Kiara fall off the stairs. Pragya calls Kiara and she informs her about the fall. Abhi distracts Kiara from her pain and Pragya is on her way.

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Pragya (Sriti Jha) is looking at Abhi’s (Shabbir Ahluwalia) picture on the laptop as King comes there. He thinks she is looking at the picture for some work purpose and leaves. Pragya continues to talk to the picture and reminisces their time at the bank.

Tanu is furious that her chocolate plan also failed, she recalls Aaliya spilling oil on the stairs for Pragya and thinks of doing the same. Abhi is fast asleep, Sunny and Kiara comes out of the room.

They are about to take the step and Sunny is leading, Tanu stops him and asks him to bring his books from Abhi’s room. Kiara steps on the oil and slips. Tanu hurridly cleans the remaining oil with a rag as everyone comes to Kiara’s aid.

Pragya calls Kiara

Everyone tries to calm Kiara down and check her leg for injuries. Pragya calls her and Kiara informs her about the fall. Pragya gets tensed and tells her that she will come there.

Mitali brings painkiller to Kiara, but she refuses to eat. Sunny calls Abhi there. Abhi comes there running and checks her leg. He hugs her tight and taker her to show her something.

Abhi shows her some games but she isn’t interested in them. So, Abhi takes her to his music room and the duo fools around a little. He tells her that he did all this to distract her as he cannot see her in tears.

Kiara tells Abhi that even she can’t see him in tears, they both hug each other. Sunny comes there and feels a little jealous. He is about to leave when Abhi calls her and hugs both the kids.

 Pragya is on her way to Abhi’s place. She gets stuck at a traffic light and asks the driver to skip it. A traffic inspector follows the car on his bike and asks them to stop the car.

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