Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Abhi decides to leave the house if Purab and Aaliya leaves. Everyone joins him and get there own bags as well. Aaliya is forced to take her decision back and apologize to Disha. She later challenges Disha that she will kick her out of the house like Pragya was.

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Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) tells everyone that he will be leaving along with Disha and Purab. Purab tries to convince him otherwise, but Abhi stays adamant.

Other family members also support Abhi and come with their packed bags to leave with the duo. Purab and Disha get emotional on seeing the outpouring of love.

Aaliya tries to stop Abhi but he doesn’t listen despite her emotional blackmail. In the end, Aaliya stops them all and apologizes to Abhi for doing all this. Abhi asks her to apologize to Disha and she does.

Abhi warns Aaliya that next time he will not give her a chance to apologize. Everyone is happy as Disha hugs Abhi and thanks him. Disha goes into the kitchen to make tea for everyone.

At Kiara’s home, she tells Pragya (Sriti Jha) that she is leaving for Sunny’s house to thanks his chucks as he saved her the other day. Pragya misunderstands that Sunny’s uncle might be one of the inspectors. Pragya initially hesitates but Kiara manages to convince her about it and leaves for Sunny’s home along with the driver.

Aaliya challenges Disha

Aaliya comes to Disha to apologize. Soon after the apology, she tells Disha that Abhi was upset and they were leaving because of her, but now she will make sure that they leave on their own accord.

Aaliya challenges Disha that she will kick them out as she did with Pragya. She leaves from there leaving Disha stunned. Disha thinks of telling all this to Purab but rejects the idea to maintain peace at home.

Abhi excited for Kiara

Abhi is in the kitchen making the milkshake for Kiara. Disha offers to help, but Abhi wants to do it himself. Disha tells him that Purab told her that Abhi loves Kiara like a daughter.

Abhi tells her that he signed her activity paper as her father and Kiara sometimes calls her pops as well. He adds that if he had a daughter then she would have been like Kiara.


Abhi is talking looking at Pragya’s picture and Kiara asks him to show it to her. 

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