Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Purab and Disha are looking out for a new home and everyone tries to persuade them otherwise. Aaliya, however, doesn’t want them to stay and asks them to leave immediately. They decide to leave and Abhi joins them saying he will leave the house along with them.

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Purab is talking to the estate agent and fixes an appointment. Tayaji asks him to think about his decision, everyone else joins him in convincing Purab and Disha.

Tanu has heard all this and tells Aaliya about it. Aaliya gets angry that the family is willing to stop him, even after she has asked them not to.

She comes downstairs and taunts him if he is not sure about leaving. Everyone tries to reason with Aaliya, but she just shushes everyone. Aaliya tells them that it hurts her to see Purab and Disha together and thus they have to leave.

Purab decides to leave immediately

Aaliya asks them to get out, Disha puts in that they will leave as soon as they find a house. Aaliya insults her by calling her a refugee and holds her hand. Purab asks Aaliya to leave Disha’s hand, so she insults him also. She taunts him that he won’t be able to survive without the luxuries his brother has provided them.

Aaliya that it is her house and Purab is not one of their relative. Purab decides to leave immediately. Disha and Purab pack their bags and are about to leave when Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) comes there.

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Abhi decides to leave with them

Abhi asks Aaliya about all this, she tells him that she can’t bear Purab with Disha. He tells her that Mitali Bhabhi has told him that she still has some feeling for Purab. Aaliya affirms.

Abhi tells Aaliya that both her and Purab are important to him. Purab is the one who rarely makes mistake and stops him from making one as well. While Aaliya keeps on making mistake one after the other.

Abhi then asks Purab and Disha to wait for a while. He goes up and gets his stuff. Abhi tells everyone that he will leave the house with Purab and Disha.


Everyone joins Abhi and decide to leave the house and shift to a new one.