Dhadak Movie Review

Dhadak Movie Review: There are two types of people, those who have had watched Sairat and those who haven’t. The former will obviously compare Dhadak and feel that it lacks the rawness that Sirat had. While the rest will perceive Dhadak as a regular teen love movie with an intriguing end.

On the surface, everything works in favor of Dhadak – Two young actors who show quite a potential, a picturesque background for the love story, good music that binds the movie finely; Yet, Dhadal fails to make your heart beat for it. (all pun intended)

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Dhadak Movie Story

Set in Udaipur, young love blossoms between Parthavi (Janhvi Kapoor) and Madhukar (Ishaan Khatter). Little did they know that the class system is all set to divide them. Parthavi is the daughter of a local politician Ratan Singh (Ashutosh Rana), while Madhukar is the son of a restaurant owner who comes from lower economic strata.

The college tryst turns into the serious relationship and obviously, the families have an objection to it. The rebellious couple manages to run away all the way to Kolkatta. There the couple is hit by the reality and integrities of lives and they start to doubt their decision.

Well, Dhadak definitely shoulders a lot of responsibility; for one, It had to do justice to Nagraj Manjule’s blockbuster Sairat which crossed Rs 100 crore and became the first Marathi film to achieve that milestone.

Along with that, it marks the debut of  Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter, Janhvi along with Shahid Kapoor‘s brother Ishan. The star kids have a tough job ahead as they have to carve through their legacy to establish a nepotism free niche for themselves.

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Dhadak Movie Review

To be honest, we have seen this story a multitude of times and what worked for Sairat was the rawness of the film. Dhadak lacks that rawness making it just another addition to the list of romantic movies.

Both Janhvi and Ishaan have been a revelation in the movie. The duo has managed to portray the innocence of budding love effortlessly and their transition, when they get a reality check is also commendable.

Now, what doesn’t work is that the film is too polished. While the leas pair is struggling to make both ends meet, not even a single hair is out of its place and their fashion quotient remains unchanged. Due to which connecting to their trepidation in the second half becomes difficult, and that is where everything rockets into the negative direction.

What works for Dhadak

While a little far from being realistic, the movie is in true Dharma style an eyeful. Some stunning cinematography by Vishnu Rao makes a pretty picture out of the landscapes of Udaipur. However, the music of the film is its definite highlight as Ajay-Atul pulls the right strings.

Why should one watch Dhadak? Simple! the scenic beauty, the music, and the actors will steal your heart away almost to an extent that you will forgive Shashank Khaitan for his loose hand at the script.

The film also features Ashutosh Rana, Ankit Bisht and Shridhar Watsar in pivotal roles. So, are you planning to hit the theatres to catch Dhadak? Do let us know your views and reviews in the comment section below.

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