Incredibles 2 - The List of Jack-Jack powers, a long one indeed

Incredibles 2: We can’t sit calm as one of the most incredible movie of the year is just around the corner. While we were given an insight into Jack-Jack‘s power towards the of The Incredibles 1 and now the second part divulge the extent of it. The innocent youngest memeber of the incredibles family has a lot to share with you. Check it out here.

Incredibles 2 more or less starts where it Incredibles 1 ended. The family is still in hiding and they do not know about Jack-Jack power as we do.

This time around Elasti-girl aka Helen takes the lead as Mr. Incredible aka Bob takes the role of a supporting house husband. Trouble ensue at home as baby Jack’s emerging superpowers are highly unpredictable. On top of it raising Voilet and Dash isn’t a walk in the park and then there’s a wicked villain to put the cherry on the cake.

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Jack Jack’s Power

Well, we promise to give as little spoiler as we can manage while giving you the apt imformation

Demon transformation

Jack-Jack can turn into a purple demon-looking thing, this power was shown in the first Incredibles movie as well. It appears to be triggered when he gets angry.


While it is apparent from the glimpse in the Promo that Jack-Jack can make multiple copies of himself, this happens at least three times in the film.

Human Torch

Jack-Jack can at will bursts into flames and can burn everything he touches. This power was also glimpsed in the last scene of Incredibles 1.

Laser eyes

This one of the most disclosed power of Jack- Jack, a green laser beams shoot from his eyes. Interestingly, the lasers can be steady beams, or he can shoot them pulse-style.

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Dimension hopping

Jack-Jack can also traverse through different dimensions and people around him can still hear him.


The baby can grow many feet taller, wider and stronger at will.


If all of the above isn’e enough Jack – Jack transform his facial exression to look like someone else.

Super strength

Something we believe he got from his Dad, Jack – Jack can toss a few lawn chairs as if they are one of his toys.


Jack-Jack doesn’t sustain so much as a scratch even after a fight with a Racoon. Some genes this boy has got.


Jack-Jack can float around almost like a zero-g float by making himself weightless.


On at least two occasions in the film Jack-Jack demonstrates limited telekinesis. To save you from further spoilers we wo’t disclose when and where.

 Metal baby

At the end of the first Incredibles movie Jack- Jack turns himslef into a metal.

For more see the video below but beware – Spolers Ahead

Well the one verdict across the globe that we are continously hearing is that the wait of 14 years is worth it. While we have to wait an additional week for the movie, we hope this sneak peak was fun for you all.