Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 May 2018: Naira and Kartik see each other and run away from each other. Suwarna is worried about Kartik and decides to visit Mumbai, but Manish and Kirti manage to stop her. 

Kartik and Naira finally meet

Kartik stops Naira, not realizing it’s her. He tells her that he doesn’t allow latecomers and she should get out of the class. Naira recognizes his voice and was about to slid out of class unnoticed and slips. Kartik catches her as the bouquet is launched in the air and roses fall down around them.

Kartik recalls Shubham and moves away from Naira. She cries and leaves the class. Kartik also walks out of the class. Naira leaves the premises and Kartik also rushes and tells his driver to take him to the airport.

Manish is talking to Kirti and tells her that Kartik has stayed back in Mumbai for the lecture and Suwarna has also agreed. Kirti is happy about it and realizes the coincidence after Manish tells her the college name, that the duo is in the same college. They hope all goes well between Kartik and Naira when they meet.

Suwarna decides to leave for Mumbai

 Suwarna is packing her bag as she tells Manish that she needs to see Kartik and where is he staying. Its the second day she hasn’t seen Kartik and she can’t stay away from him for so long.

Manish tries to postpone her trip by telling her that he will come with her to Mumbai tomorrow. Suwarna doesn’t agree to wait another day and leaves for the airport. Manish messages Kirti that he could not stop Suwarna.

Kartik and Naira recall few incidences

Kartik’s car has broken down he looks for another taxi for the airport. Naira is lost in her thoughts as someone saves her from an accident, she thanks him starts crying.

It starts raining as Naira and Kartik both try to hail a cab. Naira takes some shade and thinks back in time. The flashback shows that Naira has fallen from the terrace and landed on some carton boxes. Naitik and Bau ji comes there and sees Naira injured badly and taking Kartik name, the flashback ends.

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Kartik also visits the past and he recalls Shubham’s cremation. He recalls missing Naira after he returned home and thinking to himself that he asked Naira to leave for now, but she hasn’t returned, nor seen Shubham for the final time. Flashback ends.

Suwarna receives a call from the airline’s office telling her that her flight has been canceled. She tries to reason with the person that it’s urgent for her to reach Mumbai, but the phone is disconnected by then. Kirti thanks her friend for helping her out.

Suwarna doubts Manish and tries calling the airport to confirm at first, but then she remembers that Manish was willing to come with her and disconnects the call.

Naira gets hurt on the way. The Flashback shows Naira gaining consciousness in the hospital ward and asking Naitik about Kartik. Naitik asks her to rest and the Flashback ends. Kartik is in a taxi when he recalls consoling a hysterical Suwarna. She says Naira has snatched her son and if Naira would have told them the truth they might have saved Shubham. Suwarna goes on about how she trusted Naira and she broke it. She faints as Kartik holds her.

Naira cuts the college ID. Kartik says I will go from here, I won’t step into that college again. Naira says today was the first and last day of my college.