Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 May 2018: Pihu manages to run with the help of Parmeet. She reaches Ishita’s house and lies to her about running. Raman finds her missing and sends goons at Ishita’s place to destroy it. 

Pihu runs from home

Parmeet hatches a plan to help Pihu run, so as to create some drama at home. Pihu is pleading for someone to open the door, Parmeet slides a note to her.

The note mentions Ishita’s address and suggests Pihu to run away. Pihu packs her bag and breaks her piggy bank. She manages to run escaping everyone’s eye.

Raman recalls Pihu’s word and drinks. Ruhi, Mihika, and Romi are worried about Raman and Pihu. They try to think of a solution to control the situation.

Pihu reaches Ishita’s place

Ishita is still trying to find a new house. Pihu comes to her place and hugs her. Ishita questions, who has brought her here. Pihu hides the truth and tells her that Ruhi has helped her. They cook food together and feed each other spending some quality time together.

Raman finds out Pihu is Missing

Everyone enquires about Pihu on the dinner table as Ruhi tells them that Raman has locked her up. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla shout at Raman for behaving like that with Pihu.

Ruhi and Mrs. Bhalla finds Pihu missing and fears Raman’s anger. Ruhi guesses where Pihu might have gone and tells Mrs. Bhalla not to tell Raman. But Raman finds out and gets really angry.

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Goons smash Ishita’s place

Ishita and Pihu are enjoying each other company when some goons enter the house and start breaking stuff. Ishita tries to stop and threatens them that she will call the police.

Raman enters and Ishita understands that’s his doing. He shouts at Ishita for attempting to steal Pihu as well. Raman tells Ishita that Pihu has run from home and Ishita is shocked on hearing this.

Pihu tries to stop their fight by taking the blame on her bit Raman doesn’t listen. Ruhi and Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla arrives and stops Raman.

Roshni asks Ishita who has done this. Ishita says its Raman’s anger. Ishita says we can’t take a chance with our little Adi now. She holds Roshni’s baby bump and blesses.