Ruthie Ann Miles Lose unborn child
Ruthie Ann Miles with Abigail and husband

Our  heart cries for Ruthie Ann Miles and her family. Just 2 months after the tragic death of her elder daughter Abigail, 4 in a car crash, Ruthie Ann Miles lost her unborn daughter who was due this month. Read here for details.

Ruthie Ann Miles survived The horrific car crash in March 2018.

Ruthie Ann Miles, 35 and her little daughter Abigail, 4 met with a horrific car crash after a driver Dorothy Bruns, 44 crashed into them in March 2018 while they were walking from church. Ruthie Ann Miles who was 7 months pregnant then suffered major injuries while little Abigail died on the spot. Though the unborn child was declared uninjured then, died on May 11 just weeks before the due date.

Before her death, Abigail was excited to become elder sister.

Abigail, 4 and Joshua Lee, 1 died on the spot in the car crash while their mothers were fatally injured. Before her death Abigail was excited to be the big sister as her mother was 7 months pregnant. Dorothy Bruns, 44 the Staten Island driver who was involved in the fatal crash has been charged with criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter and assault stemming.

Abigail and her mother’s bonding.

According to sources Abigail was the brightest little spirit. Every time you are around her you can do nothing but shine. With her sweetest smile and loveliest personality, she was very much like her mother. Ruthie and her husband were very much excited of becoming parents again. But the tragedy struck has left them with no child. In just 2 months Ruthie’s happy family has changed to just memories.

According to sources Ruthie was a wonderful mother. She always gave Abigail the priority and loved spending time with her. They shared a very special bond and were inseparable.

The pain of Ruthie and Jonathan cannot be fathom. Our hearts go out to Ruthie, Jonathan and their families. Our prayer to give them strength to bear the loss.

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