Santa Fe High School open fire.
Santa Fe High School open fire.

Atleast 9 people are dead and many more injured after a student open fired in the class room at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. Read here for details.

Students update about the incident.

Witnesses at the Santa Fe High School report that the shooting took place inside the art class at around 7:30 – 7:45 am. Students say that it was a normal school day when a 17 year old guy burst into the classroom and yelled ‘Surprise’ and started random open fires in the classroom. Around 9 people died on the spot while more than 12 people are being treated at multiple hospitals across Texas.

3rd incident in one week,

This incident is the third school shooting across the country in past 7 days while 22nd of the year 2018. Besides there are reports of explosives in the school and its vicinity. The incident reminds us of the deadly massacre that took place in Majority Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The deadly incident which took place on 14th Feb 2018, killing 17 and many more injured.

School in protection mode after the incident.

The Dickinson Independent School District’s official account tweeted that:

“We’re currently in protect mode as a precaution because of reports of a shooting at Santa Fe HS. Doors are locked & personnel are stationed at outer doors to let people in and out. No students allowed outside of building. Field trips are postponed until we go off of protect mode.”

About Santa, Fe – The city where the deadly incident took place.

Santa Fe is a small city in Texas with a population of approximately 13000 people. Geographically Santa Fe is situated 30 miles Southeast of Houston and 20 Miles northwest of Galveston. The high school where the open fire took place has approximately 1400 students.

Our thoughts are with the families who lost their wards in the ruthless incident. May God bless them with the strength to bear the loss.

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