Monster Hunt 2 Movie Review
Monster Hunt 2 Movie Review

Monster Hunt by Raman Hui in 2015 was a record breaking super hit at the Chinese Box Office. And don’t worry, even if you are not aware of the first part, Monster Hunt 2 is all set to delight you no matter which age group you belong to. The cute monsters and the ridiculous situations is a proof that there is a lot that Chinese Industry has to offer to you.

About Monster Hunt 2.

Monster Hunt is a continuation of the first part where Wuba has been separated from his human parents Tianyin and Xiaolan. The parents regret sending Wuba to the monster Realm. There are rumours that Wuba would help the coexistence of Humans and Monsters. While the parents Tianyin (Boran Jing) and Xiolan (Baihe Bai) are searching for Wuba, he is on his own adventure where he meets the Gambler Tu (Tony Chiu Wai Leung) who is against his way of winning with the help of the monsters.

What we liked.

The monsters are certainly attention catchers in the Monster Hunt 2. While you have one of the cute blobs on the screen you are sure to have some mischief. The central Monster are all friendly and their whole community is gorgeously constructed. The cartoonish features are exaggerated to fit right into the cheerful mood. The humour is also a strong feature of the film. You don’t need to know Chinese to laugh on the humour. The silly situations that the characters land themselves into will make you laugh at many points in the film.

What could have been better.

As the movie is a sequel, there is double of everything. So at times you feel that it is too much going on. But when the movie moves at a fast pace you can sit back and enjoy.

Why should you go for the movie?

Not very often the foreign films release in India. Besides Monster Hunt 2 is a film that will introduce the children to the existence of diversity and will entertain you from the very first scene.

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