Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 21 May 2018: Abhi throws the cookie and tells Pragya that he hates her, she has disrespected Kumkum. Pragya talks to Kiara’s rocky says that she realizes that he hates her and that she misses him. She wants to him to wipe her tears and a tight hug. Abhi also picks cookie toy and hugs her, asking pardon for his harsh words earlier.

Next morning Pragya gets Kiara’s note, which states that it is good that you hugged rocky and the doll thief must be hugging Cookie as well.

Pragya looks around for Kiara and she asks King about her. King is on call but tells her that Kiara is gone out alone after taking permission from him. Pragya gets tensed about Kiara as quite a lot of strangers come here. King assures her that by saying that Kiara is a smart score. As Pragya leaves, King thinks Pragya is scolding him much since they came here, and his mind is not working since he met that egoistic.

Abhi arrives at the same hotel and waits in the lobby. Aaliya questions Purab if Abhi is upset with her still as he didn’t reply to her greeting. Purab tells him that he is worried about Abhi as he doesn’t share important things so soon.

Purab questions Abhi what is the matter. He recalls Pragya telling him that she is now king’s wife. Kiara asks the hotel staff that she wants to participate in activities. The employee tells her that she needs to call her parents for permission.

Kiara calls King and tells him she wants to skate, King denies her and asks her to return as her mother is worried. Kiara is about to return when she spots Abhi. She approaches him and tells him that he stole her doll. Abhi agrees, Kiara tells him her name is cookie.

Abhi tells her that he likes the name. When Kiara asks for the doll, Abhi tells her that he wants to keep the doll for another day and will return it next time.

Kiara requests Abhi to enact as her papa for the day as she wants him to sign on the activity sheet. Abhi gets emotional about it and agrees on the condition that she will call her Papa. Kiara firstly calls him Pops but doesn’t like the sound of it and calls him Papa. Abhi tears up and hugs her tight.

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Kiara kisses his forehead as Abhi looks at her in amazement. Kiara tells him that her Mumma will scold her if she gets to know about the same. So she kisses him on the forehead and tells him not to tell her mother. The Father-daughter dup full the form.

Pragya is still looking for Kiara. Kiara seeks permission for skating but Abhi denies her, telling that she might get hurt. Tarun comes and asks Chachi to search his phone as King needs a number. Pragya asks Chachi to go with Tarun.

Pragya asks the receptionist about Kiara, she tells her that she saw her going towards activities section. Pragya thanks her. Kiara tells Abhi that she knows skating, in fact, she is a champ at it.  Abhi recalls Pragya saying something similar.

Aaliya calls Abhi and asks him to come to the 10th floor in the business hall. Abhi asks the staff member to take care of Kiara and gives safety measures. Kiara asks Abhi to bring her cookie next time.

Pragya comes there calling Kiara and sees Abhi’s back. She asks Kiara where did she go? Kiara says she went to see activities. Pragya gets a call and Kiara devises a plan. She tells the staff member to tell Pragya that she is scared of her, but frank with her papa, and says he came and signed on activity papers. Pragya says her papa is in room and asks her to show form. She is about to see the form, but just then she sees old woman falling and helps her get up.

The old woman blesses Pragya to get person she loves. Kiara comes to Abhi. He asks if she is in a problem? Kiara says yes. Kiara says you are my half friend and says if you return my doll then it will be 100 percent. She tells that her mum punishes her and makes her scared. Abhi says I will talk to your mummy and handle her. He gets a call and says I am going upstairs now. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi with Kiara, but don’t see his face.

Kiara asks his name. Abhi says his name is Abhi. She says it is so small. Abhi says already you have given me so many names. Kiara smiles. Pragya runs and is coming there.

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