Kendall Jenner at after Met Gala
Kendall Jenner at after Met Gala

The Keeping Up with Kardashians star Kendall Jenner has had too much fun on the night of the Met Gala on May 7. But it did not stop her for outing with mom Kris Jenner on the night of May 8, in Business of Fashion dinner. The TV star looking gorgeous when she stepped out of the Bowery Hotel in NYC, she was wearing a white pantsuit with no bra underneath and orange heels. Her minuscule white bag and dainty gold necklace make her more adorable. Before that she was revealed earlier in the day that she was suffering from a hangover after Met Gala party. On social media she shared a picture and captioned it:

“Heavenly hungover,”

Kendall Jenner at after Met Gala
Kendall Jenner at after Met Gala

Her BFF Bella Hadid showed love on the cute picture, commenting:

“Wow this photo?????????????”

The picture showed that she was enjoying the brunette beauty, pancakes outside of her hotel room. In the picture was wearing a flowing red dress and shades.

Kendall’s hungover look was beautiful and better than anything we have seen. She also looked fabulous at Met Gala, she wore white pantsuit with an off-the-shoulder top and sheer glove sleeves. She knows very well how to present herself in front of other. It does not matter, she is attending the Met Gala event or a smaller outing.

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According to the brand the model was looking:

“reminiscent of an angelic cloud sought to signify Roman Catholicism in renaissance art – embodying purity and delicacy of a modern angel,”

The reality star has also been showing off some plump lips lately. She always criticized for her looks, because of her constantly being in public eyes. As always she was looking comfortable and more beautiful than ever. Kendall is always been open about her physical and emotional struggle. As ever been, we are we very excited to see her future look and style.

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