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IPL 2018, DD vs CSK: Delhi Daredevils managed to retain a good front in the dead rubber match against Chennai Super Kings at the Feroz Shah Kotla, New Delhi.

Match Summary

After winning the to CSK started off good, but their sore point – run flow in death overs did them no good. Despite controlling DD in starting overs Chennai lost the grip towards the end and Delhi managed to post a total of 162.

Chasing a target of 163,  was not a big deal for the best chasers of the season. But Chennai batsmen could not stick to the crease or make score, leading to a disastrous loss by 34 runs.

IPL 2018 Live Cricket Score DD vs CSK

Delhi Daredevils won by 34 runs
Chennai Super Kings won the toss and opted to field
DD – 162/5, CSK – 128/6
Inning 2

Over 20: 124/6, DD won by 34 runs. Trent Boult serves the last over and knocks off Bravo, Caught by Vijay Shankar. Deepak Chahar comes to the crease. Just 4 runs from the over. Ravindra Jadeja 24(15), Deepak Chahar

Over 19: 124/5, Chennai Super Kings need 39 runs in 6 balls. Although Jadeja starts the over with a 6, just 11 runs come of the Harshal Patel over. Dwayne Bravo comes to the crease. Ravindra Jadeja 24(15), Dwayne Bravo 1(1)

Over 18: 113/5, Chennai Super Kings need 50 runs in 12 balls. CSK loses Dhoni and all hopes of winning the match, Caught by Shreyas Iyer on a ball by Trent Boult. Ravindra Jadeja 15(10)

Over 17: 108/4, Chennai Super Kings need 55 runs in 18 balls. 3 runs from the over as Harshal Patel returns to the attack.  MS Dhoni 14(19), Ravindra Jadeja 13(8)

Over 16: 105/4, Chennai Super Kings need  58 runs in 24 balls. Jadeja starts the Sandeep Lamichhane over with a much needed six. 11 runs from the over.  MS Dhoni 13(16), Ravindra Jadeja 11(5)

Over 15: 94/4, Chennai Super Kings need 69 runs in 31 balls. And another one bites the dust, well done DD!! Billings is Caught by Abhishek Sharma as Amit Mishra strikes again. Just 2 runs of the over. Ravindra Jadeja comes to the crease. MS Dhoni 12(14), Ravindra Jadeja 1(1)

Over 14: 92/3, DD might have a genuine chance here as Sandeep Lamichhane successfully dismisses Raina 15(18), Caught by Vijay Shankar. Just 2 runs of the over.Sam Billings comes to the crease. MS Dhoni 11(10), Sam Billings 1(4)

Over 13: 90/2, 4 runs of the over as Amit Mishra returns to the attack. Suresh Raina 15(17), MS Dhoni 10(9)

Over 12: 86/2, Raina starts the Glenn Maxwell over with a four, Dhoni thumps another one. 10 runs of the over.  Suresh Raina 13(15), MS Dhoni 8(5)

Over 11: 76/2, 6 runs from the over as Sandeep Lamichhane returns to the attack. MS Dhoni comes to the crease.  Suresh Raina 8(11), MS Dhoni 3(3)

Over 10: 70/2, Oops! Rayudu 50(29) is Caught by Maxwel on the last ball after he sweeps a boundary on the first ball. 8 runs from the over as Harshal Patel returns to the attack. Ambati Rayudu 50(29), Suresh Raina 5(8)

Over 9: 62/1, Rayadu hits a four and a six consecutively garnering 12 runs from the over. Amit Mishra returns to the attack. Ambati Rayudu 44(25), Suresh Raina 3(6)

Over 8: 50/1, 4 runs from the over as Glen Maxwell comes into the attack. Ambati Rayudu 32(20), Suresh Raina 2(5)

Over 7: 46/1,Oh oh! Watson 14(23) is Caught by Boult. Just 2 runs come from the over as Amit Mishra comes into the attack.  Suresh Raina comes to the crease. Ambati Rayudu 31(18), Suresh Raina 0(1)

Over 6: 44/0, Rayudu smacks a six and a four and two consecutive six’s. 22 runs come from the over as Avesh Khan returns to the attack.  Shane Watson 13(20), Ambati Rayudu 30(16)

Over 5: 22/0, Just 2 runs from the over as Harshal Patel comes into the attack. Shane Watson 13(20), Ambati Rayudu 8(10)

Over 4: 20/0, Rayudu smacks a 4 as 6 runs come from the over. Avesh Khan comes into the attack. Shane Watson 12(16), Ambati Rayudu 7(8)

Over 3: 14/0, Watson gears up with a 6 as Trent Boult returns to the attack. 9 runs from the over.  Shane Watson 11(15), Ambati Rayudu 2(3)

Over 2: 5/0, just 2 runs from the over as Sandeep Lamichhane comes into the attack. Shane Watson 5(12), Ambati Rayudu 0(0)

Over 1: 3/0Watson and Rayudu are at the crease. Trent Boult opens the attack. Shane Watson 3(6), Ambati Rayudu 0(0)

Inning 1

Over 20: 162/5,  CSK need 163 runs to win. Dwayne Bravo proves expensive again as Harshal starts the over with a six and two more on later balls. 26 runs from the over. Vijay Shankar 36(28), Harshal Patel 36(16)

Over 19: 142/5,  Just 6 runs from the over as Shardul Thakur serves the penultimate over. Vijay Shankar 29(26), Harshal Patel 17(12)

Over 18: 130/5, Harshal Patel starts the Dwayne Bravo over with a six. 12 runs from the over. Vijay Shankar 25(23), Harshal Patel 15(9)

Over 17: 118/5, 8 runs from the over including a six by Shankar. Shardul Thakur returns to the attack. Vijay Shankar 21(20), Harshal Patel 7(6)

Over 16: 110/5, 8 runs from the over including two wides by Lungi Ngidi and a boundary by Patel on the last ball. Vijay Shankar 14(15), Harshal Patel 6(5)

Over 15: 102/5, And another one bites the dust as Abhishek, is caught by Harbhajan. 7 runs from the over as Shardul Thakur returns to the attack. Shankar smacks a boundary on the lasy ball. Harshal Patel comes to the crease. Vijay Shankar 13(13), Harshal Patel 1(1)

Over 14: 95/4, And Maxwell is bowled, harming DD further. Ravindra Jadeja bowls a fine over with just 2 runs from it. Abhishek Sharma comes to the crease. Vijay Shankar 8(11), Abhishek Sharma 1(1)

Over 13: 93/3, Dwayne Bravo again starts with a wide, lets loose 9 runs including boundary by Shankar. Glenn Maxwell 5(5), Vijay Shankar 7(8)

Over 12: 84/3, Just 3 runs from the over as Ravindra Jadeja returns to the attack. Vijay Shankar comes to the crease. Glenn Maxwell 3(3), Vijay Shankar 1(1)

Over 11: 81/3, Oh-oh! bad over for DD as Lungi Ngidi strikes not just one but both the set batsmen. Shreyas Iyer 19(12) is Bowled and Pant 38(26) is Caught by Dwayne Bravo. Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease. Glenn Maxwell 1(1)

Over 10: 77/1, Pant starts the Harbhajan Singh over with a six and smacks a four and six on the 3rd and 4th ball respectively. Shreyas Iyer 19(20), Rishabh Pant 35(23)

Over 9: 60/1, Dwayne Bravo starts with a wide and lets loose 6 runs. Shreyas Iyer 19(20), Rishabh Pant 18(17)

Over 8: 54/1, 7 runs from the over as Harbhajan Singh comes to the attack. Pant smacks a boundary. Shreyas Iyer 18(19), Rishabh Pant 15(12)

Over 7: 47/1,8 runs from the over including four singles and a boundary by Iyer. Ravindra Jadeja returns to the attack. Shreyas Iyer 17(16), Rishabh Pant 9(9)

Over 6: 39/1, 6 runs from the over including a four by Pant. Shardul Thakur comes into the attack. Shreyas Iyer 11(12), Rishabh Pant 7(7)

Over 5: 33/1, Oh-oh! Shaw 17(17) is Caught by SN Thakur on a Deepak Chahar ball.  9 runs from the over as Shreyas manages two boundaries. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. Shreyas Iyer 11(12), Rishabh Pant 1(1)

Over 4: 24/0, 6 runs from the over as Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Prithvi Shaw 17(16), Shreyas Iyer 6(8)

Over 3: 18/0, 9 runs from the over including a six by Shaw. Deepak Chahar returns to the attack. Prithvi Shaw 12(12), Shreyas Iyer 2(6)

Over 2: 9/0, 4 runs from the over as Lungi Ngidi comes into the attack. Prithvi Shaw 5(8), Shreyas Iyer 1(4)

Over 1: 5/0Prithvi Shaw and Shreyas Iyer are at the crease. Chahar opens the attack. Prithvi Shaw 4(6), Shreyas Iyer 0(0)

The Match will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar

Match Preview

Standing at the opposite ends of the spectrum, Chennai Super Kings are already qualified for the playoffs with 8 wins off 12 matches. Whereas, Delhi Daredevils have already been eliminated from the Playoffs contention with just 3 wins in as many matches.

After missing out for two years due to ban, Chennai returned with a consistent campaign in IPL 2018. The team has had emerged as the best chasers of the season. With in-form batsmen in the likes of Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, and  MS Dhoni the team has a strong batting line-up. But from last few matches, the cracks in their Bowling unit is quite apparent; especially in the Death overs

Delhi Daredevils, on the other hand, was in muddy waters from the start of the tournament. Even with a mid-season captain change from Gautam Gambhir to Shreyas Iyer, their luck did not change. Under the captaincy of Iyer, both the batting the bowling unit have shone, but not enough to grab on to a victory.

Both the teams feature some of the biggest hitters of the game – Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Glenn Maxwell, Jason Roy, Colin Munro, MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Faf Du Plessis, Dwayne Bravo, Shane Watson, Ambati Rayadu. Although the contest is dubbed as the death rubber,  it shall be by any means a scintillating fixture.

DD Probable XI

Maxwell comes in place of Jason Roy and Avesh comes in for Dala.

Prithvi Shaw, Glenn Maxwell, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Vijay Shankar, Abhishek Sharma, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Sandeep Lamichhane, Trent Boult

CSK Playing XI

Lungi comes in for David Willey.

Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Sam Billings, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Lungi Ngidi