Deadpool 2 movie review
Deadpool 2 movie review

Ryan Reynolds’ starrer film ‘Deadpool 2’ Hindi version released today on Indian screens. The trailer of the film already making a lot of buzz among st the fans, the film is directed by David Leitch with leading stars Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand and Karan Soni. The movie took 4 stars, from the critics and reviewers.

Deadpool 2 story plot

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), the irritable superhero seeks purpose and sense of belonging for a change. He finds it in defending a 14-years-old mutant from the wrath of a powerful man from future Calbe (Josh Brolin). But can the foul mounted mercenary who does not wish to elude death, achieve this feat alone?

Deadpool 2 review

Deadpool 2 is entertainment but it is no relentless in its punches-literal and metaphorical-that is also exhausting. The film is stuffed with pop-culture jokes. The movie is funny, furiously paced and densely packed. So much happens so quickly and each frame is so stuffed. Be warned that like the first, this film is also ultra-violent with impaling and decapitations. If you like your cinema understated and refined, then this is not for you. But for the rest of us, there’s enough to enjoy here.

Deadpool 2 has the ability to end the Avengers’ reign at the box office. And this credit goes to the writers for ensuring that the constant wisecracks, digs at other superheroes or pop culture references, do not distract a viewer from the story’s emotional core. The film revolves around the theme of family.

It is all too confusing in the beginning and much too smart at times — again — for its own good. But as Reynolds gets other people to match his wits against, Deadpool 2 starts hitting the spots it wants too, much more effortlessly than its prequel.