Book Club Box Office Collection
Book Club Box Office Collection

Book Club is more of an afternoon than of a movie. Four ladies Diana Keaton, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Jane Fonda meet up once a month to discuss a book and drink wine. The movie is undeniable cheesy and whatever expense in the movie is mostly on its star cast leaving less room for design of the film. The director Bill Holderman just points the camera on its cast and let’s them talk. So if you are looking for movie which has visual flair then Book Club is definitely not for you.

About the movie Book Club.

The movie is sneakily great and the director has some thoughtful presentation, As we see the women in their later years decide to read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in their book club. And when the four central women in the film are Diana Keaton, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Jane Fonda then it really doesn’t matter even if the camera work isn’t that vibrant.

What works for Book Club to work.

What makes Book Club work is the deeper understanding of the director. What the high budget films cannot understand is understood by Holderman for Book Club and that is the ensemble of its characters. Putting too much of close up helps in emoting on the individual level but it cannot build the bonding betweenthe characters. By putting the ensemble of the characters in a single frame, it even underlines the connection between them. Book Club is different because it’s each scene sinq the connection between its players building a connection in the very little time that we have. It has been structured in such a manner that each

the  four characters get to involve her own search for romantic gratification while Holderman builds their connection strongly with most of its scenes featuring all its characters.

I would like to rent out the whole of the theatre and invite all the middle aged mothers to come and watch the movie with me. If required will provide a blanket and glass of wine so that even if some one dozes off I hope can wake up to the Big finish to Mary Steenburgen’s tap dance.

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