Angrezi mein Kehte Hain Movie Review
Angrezi mein Kehte Hain Movie Review

Today’s youth might be over expressive towards love, but 90 percent of the middle class people still believe that love is all nonsense and it automatically happens after marriage. And if doesn’t happen then the couple carry out their lifetime considering their marriage as their responsibility. Sometimes love happens after marriage but people never express and consider it as deemed fact that the other person knows it already and there is no need to say. Expression of love is important and how and why is it important is beautifully depicted in this beautiful picture by Harish Vyas in his movie ‘Angrezi mein Kehte Hain’.

Storyline of the film Angrezi mein Kehte Hain.

 A Varanasi Resident Yashwant Batra (Sanjay Mishra) has been married for 25 years and lives with his wife Kiran Batra (Ekvali Khanna) They have a young daughter Priti (Shivani Raghuvanshi) who falls in love with neighbour Jugnoo (Anshuman Jha). The Government servant Yashwant believes that a man’s job is to go out and eat money while it’s the woman’s responsibility to look after the household chores. And he wants to get her daughter married with this mentality only. In his 25 years of married life, Yashwant has never talked lovingly with his wife Kiran. Going against her father’s thoughts Priti marries boyfriend Jugunu in a temple and leaves her father’s place. Amidst this differences between Yashwant and Kiran increases and in their fights Yashwant mentions to Kiran that like Preeti even she can leave him. Kiran is too hurt and goes to her father’s place leaving Yashwant all alone. Here comes the entry of two new characters in the film Firoz (Pankaj Tripathi) and Suman (Ipshita Chakraworty). Suman is admitted in the hospital for a life threatening disease. Still Firoz is very much in love with Suman and takes good care of her. On the other hand Priti and Jugunu make Yashwant realise that he has never expressed his love towards Kiran. Yashwant realises his mistake and wants to bring back Kiran. How will he do that? will Kiran come back? To know the answer to these questions watch the movie ‘Angrezi mein Kehte Hai’.

Film Review

Harish Vyas has very minutely described the middle class mentality but the movie becomes more drammatic post Interval as Yashwant tries to woo Kiran. The love story of Firoz and Kiran should have been given a little more detailing. The story is different from regular Bollywood movies but it seems to be withholding itself which lose what its attraction. Sanjay Mishra as always  is seen very dedicated to his role. Besides the other characters in the movie have done justice to their role. The movie is definitely a one time watch.

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